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Aim 1: Create a Collaborative Infrastructure at LSUHSC for Cross-Disciplinary Research with Translational Potential. The LSUHSC ADACE facilitates and encourages collaborative research within LSUHSC and also across institutions by organizing regular meetings for faculty and trainees to present and discuss ongoing research projects. These meetings are attended by appointed faculty members of the ADACE, non-member LSUHSC faculty and trainees working in the addiction field, as well as faculty and trainees from other institutions in the New Orleans area working in the alcohol and drug abuse field. The ADACE membership and their collaborators include members and leaders of various Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBREs) and other centers, most notably the LSUHSC Comprehensive Alcohol Research Center (CARC), further facilitating cross-disciplinary multi-investigator research projects that are likely to produce collaborative efforts that are highly competitive for federal research funding.

Aim 2: Professional Education & Training. The LSUHSC ADACE develops the research careers of young scientists that are vital for the long-term sustainability of research programs focused on alcohol and drug abuse. This goal is achieved by training junior faculty as well as pre- and-post doctoral trainees to expand their technical and conceptual expertise in the addiction research field, and also by providing pilot funding to junior investigators through a grant program designed to increase the potential for those researchers to successfully secure federal funding for their work in the addiction field. 

Aim 3: Community Outreach & Dissemination. The LSUHSC ADACE personnel have participated in outreach efforts targeted to middle school and high school students and parents. The aim has been three-fold: 1) to educate youth on the risks of alcohol abuse and on the effects of alcohol on the body; 2) to increase the awareness among parents of the risks involved in underage drinking; and 3) to expose high school students to research labs aimed at investigating the neurobiological mechanisms and biological consequences of AUD. The first two points have been of critical significance, given the prevailing culture of underage drinking in the city of New Orleans. The ADACE participants organizes and facilitates the participation  in Town Hall Meeting style events held at local high schools where the discussion centers around prevention of alcohol abuse in teenagers. We have also initiated outreach programs that educate high school- and college-age students on the dangers of risky drinking behavior.


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