Course Director

Amy Creel, MD
Assistant Professor
(504) 896-2782

Assistant Clerkship Director

Jessica Patrick-Esteve, MD
Assistant Professor
(504) 896-9418

Course Coordinator

Lanette Carroll

The Department of Pediatrics offers required rotations to Junior and Senior medical students attending Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. Senior Elective rotations are offered to LSUHSC-NO students, visiting students from other US Medical Schools, International Medical Students and exchange students who meet the admission requirements of our University Office of Student Affairs.

Junior Clerkship

Pediatrics 300. (Third Year) Clinical Pediatrics. 304 hours. A clinical clerkship of eight weeks is served at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans.  A few students also have the option of completing the clerkship on the pediatric services of Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge or University Medical Center, Lafayette.  All students spend time in the following patient care settings:

Ambulatory – Students rotate through pediatric subspecialty clinics.

Nursery – Students rotate through a well baby nursery and/or a neonatal intensive care unit.

Wards – Students rotate through inpatient hospital services.

Objectives of the 3rd Year Pediatric Clerkship

Senior Clerkship

Seniors may choose to take their required Acting Internship and/or Ambulatory Care rotations in Pediatrics during the academic year.

Pediatrics 415-416. (Fourth Year Ambulatory Care Selective Elective) Clinical Pediatrics. 152 hours. The Senior programs in ambulatory pediatrics are designed to provide opportunities for each student to augment or reinforce knowledge and skills learned in the pediatric core curriculum, as they apply to child health problems encountered in an outpatient setting. Students may opt to complete the Ambulatory care requirement in the Pediatric Emergency Room, General Pediatrics Clinics or the office of a private pediatrician who is a member of our gratis clinical faculty. There is an Ambulatory block offered in New Orleans at both Children’s Hospital and University Hospital. Students may choose Ambulatory Care rotations offered at Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge or University Medical Center in Lafayette.

Pediatrics 419. (Fourth Year Pediatric Acting Internship) Clinical Pediatrics. 152 hours. The student functions as an intern in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of acutely and chronically ill hospitalized children.

For more information, see the catalog, page 203.

Visiting Students

Visiting Students may apply to the Office of Student Affairs at any time for a rotation through LSUHSC Pediatrics but are encouraged to do so early. There is a $30 application fee that will be waived for LSU students. During the months of July through October, LSUHSC – New Orleans medical students will be offered Acting Internships first. If any spots are left, visiting students may apply for an Acting Internship during those months. A student may elect to take a subspecialty elective and switch to an Acting Internship should space becomes available. Please contact Lanette Carroll at 504-896-2066 or by email for further information.

Only international students from AAMC accredited medical schools are accepted. Interested students should contact Ms. Melanie Brown at 504-568-4874 in the Office of Student Affairs for all information regarding visa, health insurance, malpractice insurance and other university requirements.

University requirements: The following courses, at University Hospital, are limited to LSU students:

PEDI 420a - Acting Internship

PEDI 422a - General Pediatrics

PEDI 431a - Pediatrics Emergency Room

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do visiting students live in New Orleans during this rotation?

Please contact Ms. Katie Gutierrez at to inquire about housing.

The following information is from the Housing office:

"Students of the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans are eligible to reside in LSUHSC housing facilities. In addition, Post Doc’s and Affiliates (i.e. Visiting Faculty, Visiting Researchers, Visiting House Officers and Visiting Students) will be allowed on-campus housing at Stanislaus Hall.

Please see the information below:

To begin the housing application process, first, you need to email aehousing@lsuhsc.eduto see if you qualify for housing (you must be affiliated with LSUHSC). you will need to print and complete the application that is posted on our website that can be found at Please notate on the application you are a LSUHSC-NO affiliate and the school you are affiliated with. A $75.00 application fee must accompany the application along with a $300.00 security/damage deposit, refundable 30 days after vacating. Student Housing does not have an online payment program at this time and will only accept a money order or cashier’s check. Our mailing address is 1900 Perdido Street, Room 210, New Orleans, LA 70112. 

It is imperative that you have an LSUHSC-NO identification card before moving into Student Housing. Access to the residence halls and the rooms within cannot be accessed without an LSUHSC-NO ID card. Student Housing does not issue LSUHSC-NO ID cards. Only the registrar's office or the program responsible for your internship can facilitate the process for receiving an LSUHSC-NO ID card.  

You may also visit our web site

Once your housing application has been received, the Student Housing Coordinator will contact you via e-mail with all of the pertinent housing information. Post Doc’s and Affiliates (i.e. Visiting Faculty, Visiting Researchers, Visiting House Officers and Visiting Students) will be allowed on campus housing only at Stanislaus Hall.

Our general housing lease is for four months at a rate of $533.00 per month. Short term housing of at least one month is available at a rate of $600.00 per month."

Where can I park?

Parking is available in student parking lots. All students can apply for parking privileges in these lots at the parking office, located on the 1st floor of the Nursing/Allied Health Building, 1900 Gravier Street. The cost is $13/month, plus a refundable $20 deposit for a parking pass.

Is there public transportation?

Public transportation is available if you live in the LSU dorm and take an elective at Children’s Hospital.  Note: A good way to see lovely old New Orleans homes is to take a ride on the St. Charles Streetcar line.

What must I do when I get to New Orleans?

  1. Obtain photo ID* at the Registrar’s Office (433 Bolivar Street, 1st floor).
  2. Pay for housing* at the Business Office (433 Bolivar Street, 1st floor).
  3. Report as directed in Part III of the application.
  4. Contact Lanette Carroll (504-896-2066) to confirm your arrival.

* approved Visiting Students’ application form required

Additional Information

John Ische Medical Library is located on floors 3-5 of the Resource Center. The public is allowed to use all materials in the library, but an LSUHSC identification card must be presented to check out any materials. In addition, visiting students should present their approved Visiting Students’ application form.

Internet access is available on public computers in the library. Visiting students should use their personal email account as LSU accounts take 2-3 weeks for approval.