Curriculum Renewal Committee


This committee develops and revises curriculum structure and content in conjunction with the Curriculum Steering Committee.  It charges subcommittees and ad hoc work groups for detailed development as needed.


The committee oversees pre-clerkship course directors and clerkship directors subcommittees.  It monitors course content, and ensures that there is effective integration of content within and across academic periods; it ensures that course and clerkship objectives are linked to the school’s overall educational program objectives. 


This committee monitors pedagogical methods employed by courses, and ensures that they are appropriate to meet the course and program objectives.  It approves changes in course or clerkship hours and pedagogy.  It monitors compliance with contact and work-hour policies. 


This committee approves changes in course and clerkship objectives, and major changes in course content. It ensures that these changes do not adversely affect integration and achievement of overall program objectives. 


This committee develops plans for continual course and curriculum improvement as necessary based on overall curriculum outcomes (as monitored by the Curriculum Steering Committee) and based on course evaluations (as monitored by the Curriculum/Course Evaluation Committee)