Curriculum Steering Committee


This committee oversees curriculum changes and approves recommendations from the Curriculum Renewal Committee.  The committee develops and reviews overall program objectives.  It makes recommendations to the dean and faculty regarding changes in program objectives, proposed new courses, major changes in curriculum hours or structure, and changes in the school wide grading system.


The committee also monitors overall educational program outcomes to ensure that students are achieving overall program objectives. This includes the evaluation of USMLE results, match results, results of program director surveys about our graduates, contact hours, evaluation of curriculum changes, and other outcomes.  


The committee works in conjunction with the Course Evaluation Committee and reviews major findings of course evaluations.  It stays abreast of national curriculum initiatives and LCME standards. It ensures that our curriculum remains current and in compliance with national trends and standards. 


This committee helps provide faculty education about curriculum development and effectiveness. It oversees major changes in branch campus programs, or development of new programs.