LSU Lung Cancer Research Study

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Principal Investigator
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Angelle Bencaz, MSPH

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Jessica Chambliss, MS, CRC:


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Lung Cancer Study Homepage

Please click on any of the links below to learn more about how lung cancer is diagnosed and along with other information on the diagnosis of lung cancer:



  1.  Cancer Diagnosis Checklist (Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing) (worksheet)

  2. Living with Lung Cancer: Lung Cancer Tests (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation) (patient handout)

  3. Understanding Your Diagnosis: A Guide for the Patient  (Lung Cancer Alliance) (patient brochure)

  4. Diagnosing Cancer of the Lung: Caring for People with Cancer (Irish Cancer Society) (booklet)

  5. Daignosing Lung Cancer (Lung Cancer Alliance) (web page)

  6. Diagnosing Lung Cancer (Cancer Research UK) (web page)

  7. Lung cancer tests (Cancer Research UK) (web page)

  8. Lung Cancer: Tests and Diagnosis (Mayo Clinic) (web page)

  9. Lung Cancer - Diagnosis (NIH) (web page)

  10. Lung Cancer Diagonis (MD Anderson Cancer Center) (web page)

  11. How Is Lung Cancer Diagnosed (American Lung Association) (web page)

  12. How Lung Cancer is Diagnosed (Macmillan Cancer Support) (web page)

  13. Lung Cancer Testing and Diagnosing (International Early Lung and Cardiac Action Program, I-ELCAP) (web page)



  1. An Illustrated Guide to Blood Biopsies (Broad Institute) (infographic)

  2. After a Biopsy: Making the Diagnosis (Cancer.Net) (web page)

  3. Biopsy for Lung Cancer (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) (web page)

  4. Learn About Lung Biopsies (CHEST Foundation) (video, YouTube)

  5. Liquid Biopsy Study (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) (video, YouTube)

  6. Types of Lung Cancer Biopsies (CHEST Foundation) (handout)

  7. Understanding Lung Cancer Biopsies: A Guide for the Patient (Lung Cancer Alliance) (Booklet, Understanding Series Guide)

  8. Understanding Your Lung Biopsy (Verywell) (web page)


Pathology Reports

  1. Understanding Your Pathology Report: A Guide for the Patient  (Lung Cancer Alliance) (Booklet, Understanding Series Guide)

  2. Understanding Your Lung Cancer Pathology Report (Verywell) (web page)

  3. Understanding Your Pathology Report: Lung Cancer (American Cancer Society) (web page)

  4. Pathology Reports (National Cancer Institute) (web page)

  5. Reading a Pathology Report (Cancer.Net) (web page)

  6. How To Read Your Pathology Report (College of American Pathologist) (handout)

  7. Understanding Your Pathology Report: FAQ Sheet (Assoication of Directors of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology, ADASP) (Lung Cancer handout)


After Diagnosis

  1. 7 Things You Should Do After Your Cancer Diagnosis (OncoGambit) (web page)

  2. I’ve Been Diagnosed with Lung Cancer. What’s Next? ( (web page)

  3. Lung Cancer Diagnosis (Compass Oncology) (web page)


Video Library

  1. Do I Need a Second Opinion? (Lung Cancer Foundation of America) (YouTube)



  1. Diagnostics in Small Cell Lung Cancer: How Diagnostics Help Inform Treatment Decisions (CancerCare)

  2. Lung Biopsy Podcast (Mon Health Medical Center)



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