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Lung Cancer Study Homepage


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Please click on any of the following links below for healthy lung tips, information on different lung diseases, and other lung resources:



  • Fact Sheets & Booklet
  1. Lung Anatomy ( (infographic)

  2. The Lungs - An overview of how they work (Lung Foundation Australia) (fact sheet)

  3. The Normal Lung (European Lung Foundation) (handout)

  4. Understanding How Your Lungs Work (Boehringer Ingelhem Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) (booklet)


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  • Handouts & Fact Sheets
  1. Got Lungs? Protect Them. (The Lung Association) (brochure)

  2. How Can I Keep My Lungs Healthy? (Public Health Agency) (handout)

  3. Lung Health Check (The Lung Association) (handout)

  4. Your Lungs and Exercise (European Lung Cancer Foundation) (patient materials)

  • Web Pages
  1. 8 Effective Ways to Promote Lung Health (ActiveBeat)

  2. 8 Tips for Keeping Your Lungs Healthy (Rush University Medical Center)

  3. Antioxidant-rich Foods for Lung Health (UnityPoint Health)

  4. Breathing Exercises (American Lung Association)

  5. How Public Health Issues Affect Lung Issues (American Lung Association)

  6. Improving Your Lungs From the Couch (Lung Institute)

  7. Learning About Lung Health (

  8. Love Your Lungs with Five Easy Tips (NurseWise)

  9. Protecting Your Lungs (American Lung Association)

  10. Respiratory & Lung Health (Humana)

  11. Tips to Keep Your Lungs Healthy (American Lung Association)

  12. What Healthy Lungs Can Do For You (American Lung Association)

  • Web Blogs
  1. EACH Breath (American Lung Association)

  2. How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy (Apart from Not Smoking) (Advanced Health)

  3. Lifestile Choices to Maintain Healthy Lungs (Exhale) (Lung Insitute's blog)

  • Interactive Assessments & Quizzes
  1. Check in With Your Lungs Health Checklist (Lung Foundation) (PDF)

  2. Healthy Lungs Quiz (Healthy Lungs for Life)

  3. How is Your Lung Health? Take the Lung Health Check! (The Lung Association Ontario)

  4. Online Lung Health Checker (Irish Cancer Society


  • Handouts & Fact Sheets

  1. Air Quality and Lung Health- The Risks (Healthy Lungs for Life)

  2. Air Quality and Your Lungs (The Ohio State University Medical Center) (patient education handout)

  3. Exercise and Air Quality: 10 Top Tips (Health Lungs for Life) (patient materials)

  4. Indoor Environment Lung Health & Lung Health (Lung Foundation of Australia) (fact sheet)

  5. Outdoor Air Pollution & Lung Disease (Lung Foundation of Australia) (fact sheet)

  6. Outdoor Air Pollution and the Lungs (Healthy Lungs for Life) (handout)

  7. Work-Related Lung Conditions (Healthy Lungs for Life) (handout)

  • Web Page

  1. Healthy Air (American Lung Association)

  2. What's The State of Your Air? ( (to learn about your state's air quality)

  • Interactive Game

  1. Air Pollution POP (Healthy Lungs for Life) (interactive online game)



  • Handouts, Fact Sheets, & Booklet
  1. Choosing a Health Insurace Plan: Lung Disease Patients (American Lung Association) (handout)

  2. Genetcs and Lung Disease (American Thoracic Society Patient Health Series) (handout)

  3. Infection Prevention for People with Lung Conditions (The Ohio State University Medical Center) ( handout)

  4. Lung Disease Fact Sheet (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) (handout)

  5. Types of Lung Disease (The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center) ( handout)

  6. Understanding Lung Problems: Make Each Breath Healthy (National Institute on Aging) (booklet)

  • Web Pages

  1. Lung Disease Lookup (American Lung Association)

  2. Lung Diseases Overview (WebMD)

  3. Lungs Health and Diseases (American Lung Association)

  4. Overview of Environmental Lung Diseases (Merck Manual) (Consumer Version)

  5. Understanding Lung Problems (National Institute of Aging)

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  • Interactive Assessment & Quiz
  1. Asthma Knowledge Quiz (UK Healthcare)

  2. Asthma: What Do You Know About It? Quiz (UK Healthcare)

  • Booklet

  1. So You Have Asthma: A Guide for Patients and Their Families (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, NIH Publication)

  • Handouts and Worksheets

  1. Asthma Action Plan (US Department of Health and Human Services)

  2. Asthma Care Quick Reference (US Department of Health and Human Services)

  3. Difficult-to-Treat and Severe Asthma (European Lung Foundation)

  •  Web Pages

  1. Asthma (University of Utah, Genetic Science Learning Center)

  • Websites & Organizations


          asthma and allergy foundation logo 



  • Fact Sheets & Handouts

  1. Breathing Better with a COPD Diagnosis (National Institutes of Health) (patient fact sheets)

  2. Chronic Cough (European Lung Foundation)

  3. COPD: The More You Know, The Better for You and Your Loved Ones (National Institutes of Health)

  4. Get the Most from Your Office Visit (National Institutes of Health)

  5. Living an Active Life with COPD (European Lung Foundation) (Lung Factsheets)

  6. Living Well with COPD (European Lung Foundation)

  7. Now That You Know It;s COPD, Here's How to Breathe Better (National Institutes of Health)

  • Interactive Assessment & Quizzes

  1. COPD Quiz (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)
  2. COPD Quiz: What Do You Know About COPD (UK Healthcare)

  3. Find out if breathing issues could be a sign of COPD (Humana)

  4. Quiz: Myths and Facts About COPD (WebMD)
  • Web Pages

  1. Learn About COPD (American Lung Association)

  • Websites, Organization & Programs


           COPD Foundation logo 

             copd learn more breathe better logo

            COPD International


  • Video Library

  1. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients and Everyday Activities (Novartis) (YouTube)



  • Quiz
  1. Take the Emphysema Quiz (UK Healthcare)
  • Websites & Organizations

         national emphysema foundation logo





     Lung Institute


  Your Lung Health



  1. Lung Health (Mayo Clinic Connect)



  1. National Lung Health Education Program (NLHEP) (Tel: 1-913-LUNG (4963); Email:

  2. Respiratory Health Association 



  1. American Lung Association’s Lung HelpLine: 1-800-LUNG-USA (1-800-586-4872) & Press 2




  1. Types of Pulmonary Diseases  (Khan Academy) (YouTube)




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