LSU Lung Cancer Research Study

Diptasri Mandal, PhD:
Principal Investigator
(504) 568-6156    

Angelle Bencaz, MSPH

(504) 568-2216


Jessica Chambliss, MS, CRC:


(504) 568-7027


Toll-Free: 1-888-720-7757    



LSU Lung Cancer Homepage

Please click on any of the following links below to learn more about your lung cancer treatment team:


  1. Meet Your Care Team ( (handout)

  2. Know Your Lung Cancer Team (CHEST Foundation) (Leaflet)

  3. Your Health Care Team: Your Doctor is Only the Beginning (CancerCare) (fact sheet)

  4. How to Choose a Doctor: Worksheet (American Cancer Society) (worksheet)

  5. How to Choose a Hospital: Worksheet (American Cancer Society) (worksheet)

  6. Useful Contacts: Your Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Worksheet (LSU Lung Cancer Study) (worksheet)

  7. My Health Care Team (LSU Lung Cancer Study) (worksheet)

  8. Lung Cancer Specialists (Stand Up To Cancer) (web page)

lung team



  1. How to Find a Doctor or Treatment Facility if You Have Cancer (NIH National Cancer Institute) (web page)

  2. Choosing A Provider (Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing) (worksheets)


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