Grand Rounds Schedule
LSUHSC Department of OB/GYN



8/30/17 Just Transparency: Marching Toward Medical Transparency Jeff Catalano, MD
9/6/17 Cultural competency/Implicit Bias Robert Maupin, MD
9/8/17 (Fri) Family Planning Willie Parker, MD **
9/13/17 LGBT Health Andrew Hollenbach, PhD
9/20/17 Surgical Site Infections Stacey Holman, MD
9/27/17 Interstitial cystitis

Nia Thompson, MD (NO Chief)

10/4/17 Faculty & Resident Development 101: Maximizing Your Academic Position Florencia Polite, MD
10/11/17 Physician To Physician Update Scott Mackey, MD
10/18/17 Child Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation Nikita Patel, MD
10/25/17 State initiatives to improve perinatal outcomes: a life-course approach to improvement & equity Pooja Mehta, MD
11/1/17 Pelvic Organ Prolapse Ralph Chesson, MD
11/8/17 Child Sexual Abuse Neha Mehta, MD
11/15/17 Fertility Preservation Update: 2017 Belinda Sartor, MD
11/22/17 Thanksgiving No Conference
11/29/17 Feminine Forever: The History, Evolution and Safety of Hormone Replacement Elise Boos, MD (NO Chief)
12/6/17 Uterine Artery Embolizations: Current Evidence and Local Practice Dr. Gregory Carbonella
12/13/17 Nutrition in Pregnancy Sara Yockey, MD
12/20/17 Surgical Management of Endometriossis: What does the evidence say? Stacey Scheib, MD
12/27/17 Christmas Week No Conference
1/3/18 New Year's Week No Conference
1/10/18 A Roadmap for Physicians: Avoiding Fraud and Abuse Kenneth Polite
1/17/18 Cancelled  
1/24/18 Expedited Partner Therapy in the Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Megan Borens, MD (BR Chief)
1/31/18 Light and Entergy Based Therapy for Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause Barry Hallner, MD
2/7/18 Breastfeeding: A Natural, Unnatural Phenomenon-Obstacles adn how to overcome them Natalia Arango, MD (NO Chief)
2/14/18 Mardi Gras Break No Conference
2/21/18 Alcohol Misuse: What should you know Patricia Molina, MD, Ph D
2/28/18 Stopping the Cycle of Abuse: OB/GYN Care for Survivors of Sexual Violence Kelly McCune, MD (BR Chief)
3/7/18 Updates in Preeclampsia Management Asha Heard, MD
3/14/18 Critical Care Obstetrics Kirk Rousset, MD
3/21/18 Rescheduled  
3/28/18 Be Professional FA Moore, MD

Nutrition and Lifestyle Factors in Disease Prevention and Management

Ashley Cowart, MD
4/11/18 Maternl Mortality on the Rise Monique Sutherland, MD (NO Chief)
4/18/18 The Base-ics of Fetal Acidemia: Diagnosis, Management & Neonatal Outcomes Megan Savage, MD (NO Chief)
4/25/18 Urinary tract complications secondary to gynecological surgery Julie Lagarde, MD (BR Chief)
5/2/18 Obstetric Anesthesia Carrie McInnis, MD
5/9/18 Beyond Abstinence and Risk: A New Paradigm for Adolescent Sexuality Ryan Pasternak, MD
5/16/18 The 23 Week Dilemma (Rescheduled) Samantha Bland, MD (BR Chief)
5/23/18 Transfusion Medicine & Blood Banking Dr. Many Flannery O'Leary/Dr. Jessica Rosselot
5/30/18 Darwinian Medicine and Opportunities for OB/GYN Jason Mussell, PhD
6/6/18 Radiology for the OBGYN David Smith, MD
6/13/18 Chief Grand Rounds: HIV topic Eliza Rodrigue, MD
6/20/18 Induction of the Nulliparous Cervix "It's not easy being green" Andrea Usher, MD