Dr. Wayne Backes is the new President-elect for ASPET (American Society for Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics) and will begin his term on July 1, 2018.

Dr. Donna Neumann  was notified in March 2018 that her most recent paper “Depletion of the Insulator Protein CTCF Results in Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Reactivation In Vivo “ has been selected as a Spotlight Feature in the Journal of Virology.

Shannon Washington (Dr. Neumann's Lab)  was accepted into the Intramural NIAID Research Opportunities (NIRO) program at NIH.  INRO is a 4-day program for academically talented students from underrepresented groups in science who wish to learn more about NIAID and are interested in exploring career opportunities in allergy, immunology, and infectious diseases.  The INRO program is highly competitive with only 18 and 20 students being accepted into the program. 

Dr. James Watt in Dr. Ronis’ lab was awarded a  F32 fellowship from NIAAA, entitled, "Identifying the role of reactive oxygen species in alcohol-induced murine growth plate pathology” that will begin in the Fall of 2017.

Dr. Juan Gao   was awarded a LA CaTS Center Road Map Scholar Grant in June 2017.   Dr. Gao will be enrolled in a Master's of Clinical Science degree program.

Dr. Eric Lazartigues ' lab members publications:

Dr. Charles Nichols' lab had a publication featured in a writeup on Chemical and Engineering News website in March:


 Dr. Wayne Backes' RO1 grant entitled "Interactions among P450 system proteins and their distribution into endoplasmic reticulum micordomains" was renewed for NIH funding for four more years in March 2017. 

Dr. Eric Lazartigues is part of a multiple PI team, including Dr. Xinping Yue and Dr. Jason Gardner, who received a new R01 from NHLBI, entitled  “Chronic nicotine inhalation increases susceptibility to cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases through inhibition of local compensatory mechanisms”

David Polhemus  (Dr. Lefer's Lab) was selected in February 2017 by the editorial board of Circulation Research to be spotlighted as a early career trainee and will be interviewed about his research experience.

Harshita Chodavarapu   (Lazartigues’ lab) has been selected to receive The Endocrine and Metabolism Research Recognition Award from the American Physiological Society. She will present an oral communication in a featured topic session and a poster of her work at the Endocrinology and Metabolism Award Reception at the Experimental Biology 2017 Meeting this spring.

Dr. Jiaxi “Jessie” Xu   (Lazartigues’ lab) has been selected to receive the American Physiological Society NCAR membership-sponsored Experimental Biology Trainee Award that will be presented to her during the Experimental Biology 2017 conference in Chicago. She will present an oral communication in a featured topic session and a poster of her work at the Experimental Biology Meeting this spring.

Dr. Tracy Goodchild received funding for a Cardiovascular COBRE pilot project entitled "Therapeutic Potential of Renal Denervation and Stem Cells in Acute MI starting January 1, 2017. 

Snigdha Mukergee (Lazartigues’ lab) has been selected to receive the American Physiological Society Attoquant-sponsored Experimental Biology Trainee Award from the NCAR section.  She will present an oral communication in a featured topic session and a poster of her work at the Experimental Biology Meeting this spring. Snigdha will receive her award during the Experimental Biology 2017 conference in Chicago.

Dr. Kurt Varner received the Ken Moore Distinguished Alumnus Award for 2016 at the 50 year Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Michigan State University (MSU) this past September.  The celebration included a symposium at which Dr. Varner gave a talk entitled, “Cardiovascular toxicity of environmentally persistent free radicals: a unique pollutant particle system.”   Dr. Varner is the LSU Health Sciences Center SRP Leader of Project 4: Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals Increase Cardiac Vulnerability to Ischemia.

Dr. Martin Ronis'  R01 grant entitled “The role of oxidative stress in alcohol-induced osteopenia” was recommended for conversion to a Method to Extend Research in Time (MERIT) Award by the National Advisory Council on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and will convert to a 10 year award. 

Dr. Charles Nichols was awarded a two-year R21 grant entitled “Drosophila to elucidate serotonin’s role in stimulant drug abuse”, from the National Institute of Drug Abuse.  

Dr. Charles Nichols was awarded a major research contract from the Eleusis Benefit Corporation, for his project “Investigation of the anti-inflammatory effects of serotonin 5-HT2A receptor activation.”

Rebecca Crawford successfully defended her dissertation entitled “CHAC1 Positively Regulates Differentiation and Protein Synthesis in the Musculoskeletal System” in November 2016.

Kelly Jean Sherman successfully defended her dissertation entitled “The Comparative Effects of Methamphetamine and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide on Drosophila Behavior” in November 2016.

Shannan Washington was selected to present her work at the 2016 Chromatin Control of Viral Infection Workshop held at the National Institutes of Health Bethesda Campus in September, 2016. 

Dr. Imran Mungrue   received a Summer 2015 Innovative Research Grant entitled “ A novel method for Rapid Simultaneous Proteome Quantitation in Biological Samples,” from the American Heart Association.  This 2 year award that will allow him to develop a new area of research in his lab. 

Dr. Dennis Paul, Dr. Daniel Kapusta, Dr. Charles Nichols and Dr. Jeff Erickson were given Innovation Awards.  These awards supported by the LSUHSC Office of Academic Affairs and the HSC Foundation were presented to these investigators in recognition of their receipt of patents, licensing agreements and/or LIFT grants over the last 3 years.

Dr. Donna Neumann and Dr. Imran Mungrue were each awarded a Leveraging Innovation for Technology Transfer (LIFT) grant from the LSU Board of Supervisors. Donna’s grant is entitled “Development of novel small molecule treatments for multi drug-resistant fungal infections”. Imran’s grant is “Proof of concept for a new product allowing proteome scale quantitation” These exciting highly competitive grants that were chosen by the Board of Supervisors on the basis of  their innovation and commercial potential.  It will be exciting to see these new projects develop.

Dr. Eric Lazartigues was promoted to Full Professor.

Dr. Charles Nichols was just selected to receive an American Asthma Foundation Scholar Grant Award for his work on the anti-inflammatory actions of 5-HT2A receptor agonists in asthma.  This  2 year award was one of only 7 selected for funding by the Asthma Foundation from a pool of 138 applicants

Dr. Jiaxi  “Jessie” Xu , received an American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship Award.  Dr. Xu joined Dr. Lazartigues’ laboratory this past winter and has made great progress with her project.

Dr. Andy Catling who just received word that our proposals to the LSU Board of Regents for the Superior Graduate Student Awards has been approved for this academic year and next academic year.

In addition to successfully defending his dissertation last week, Felix Nau has been rather busy getting ready for the upcoming Experimental Biology Meeting.  We received notice that he has been awarded:- an ASPET Graduate Student Travel Award and -the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 2015 Young Investigator Award, and -his poster “Allergic Asthma and Serotonin 5-HT2 Receptor Activation: New Therapeutic Directions” was selected for the ASPET Best Abstract Competition.

Dr. Daniel Kapusta , won the Aesculapian Excellence in Teaching Award for the Spring semester of 2015.

Shannon Washington received a travel award to offset the cost of registration to the International Herpesvirus Workshop in Boise, Idaho.

Dr. Peter Winsauer received a new NIH RO1 grant.

Dr. Eric Lazartigues received the official notice that his RO-1 grant was renewed for an additional 4 years.

Shannon Washington received a travel award to attend and present her work at the 4th Chromatin Control of Viral Infections Workshop presented by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  This is a highly prestigious workshop that will be held on the NIH campus in September.

Congratulations Dr. Charles Nichols and Ms Indya Bruce on Indya’s third place finish in the Summer Research Internship Poster Symposium yesterday.  Indya was a summer undergraduate research intern in Dr. Nichols’ labcongratulating Dr. Charles Nichols and Ms Indya Bruce on Indya’s third place finish in the Summer Research Internship Poster Symposium yesterday.  Indya was a summer undergraduate research intern in Dr. Nichols’ lab.

Dr. Rob Reed was promotioed to Associate Professor.

Dr. Eugenia Prescott of Dr. Mungrue's lab was selected to attend the 2014 Postdoctoral Preparation Institute Workshop sponsored by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)/Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program.

Ms Kusma Pyakurel and Mohamed Ghonim received funding to attend the 2nd Annual Workshop on Metabolomics at UAB.

Congrats to Dr. Juan Gao and Ms Kusma Pyakurel for receiving grant awards from the American Heart Association. Juan received a postdoctoral fellowship for her project “RVLM G-alpha12 Proteins and Neurogenic Hypertension in SHR“.  Juan is conducting her study in Dr. Kapusta’s laboratory.

Kusma received a predoctoral fellowship for her project “Role of DNA-PK in Inflammation Independent of DNA-damage Repair in Atherogenesis,’ which she is conducting under the direction of Dr. Boulares.