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2017 Spring Seminar Series

Tuesdays at 12:30 pm, MEB Room 5252 

*(unless otherwise noted)

Jan 20, 2017*             Mary-Louise Risher, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Friday                         Duke University Medical Center and Durham VA Medical Center

Seminar Room 5       Department. of Psychiatry and Behaviorial Sciences

TITLE:  "Drunk Astrocytes: The Overlooked Participants in Synaptic Remodeling Following Adolescent Binge Drinking"


Jan 24, 2017*             Kevin Ebert, Graduate Student, Dr. Kapusta's Lab


TITLE:  "Elucitating the Mechanism by which Kappy Opioid Agonists Produce Aquarasis"


Jan 26, 2017*            Il-man Kim, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Augusta University

Thursday, 11:30       Vascular Biology Center and Department of Biochemistry

Seminar Room 5      and Molecular Biology,  Medical College of Georgia                   

TITLE:  "Beta-Arrestin-Mediated Adrenergic Receptor Signaling and Non-Coding RNAs in Heart Failure²."


Jan 31, 2017           Dr. Jeffrey Osborn, Professor, University of Kentucky

TITLE:  "The African/Caribbean Green Monkey:  A Translational Model of Spontaneous Hypertension, Renal & Cardiovascular Disease"


Feb 14, 2017           Dr. Larry Suva, Professor and Head, Texas A&M University

Seminar Room 5    Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology

                                College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences           

TITLE:  "New Insights Into the PTH/PTHrP Axix in Breast Cancer and Multiple Myeloma"


Feb 21, 2017*         Robert F. Kalejta, PhD, Vice Chair, Univerity of Wisconsin-Madison

Seminar Room 4   Institute for Molecular Virology

TITLE:  "How Human Cytomegalovirus Regulates Transcription and Brain Cancer"


Mar 7, 2017            Chelsea Organ, Graduate Student, Dr. Lefer's Lab


TITLE:  " The Effects of Gut-Derived Trimethylamine N-Oxide (TMAO) on the Pathogenesis of Heart Failure"


Mar 14, 2017          Patrick Connick, Graduate Student, Dr. Backes Lab

TITLE:   "Physical Interactions Among the Cytochromes P450, Heme Oxygenase, and NADPH-Cytochrome  P450 Reductase and Their Effect on Enzyme Function"


Mar 20 2017*          Dr. Zihiyong Lin,  Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Seminar Room 5   Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Medicine  


TITLE:  "Regulation of Vascular Homeostasis by Matricellular Protein CCN3"                  


Mar 21, 2017          David Polhemus, Graduate Student, Dr. Lefer's Lab


TITLE:  "The Cardioprotective Actions of Renal Sympatheric Denervation in Ischemic Heart Disease"


Mar 28, 2017          Harshita Chodavarapu, Graduate Student, Dr. Lazartigues' Lab


TITLE:  "Role of Islet AT1R and ACE2 in Mediating HFD-Induced T2DM"


Apr 11, 2017           Alyssa DeLarge, Graduate Student, Dr. Winsauer's Lab

TITLE:  "The Disruptive Effects of THC on Memory in Female Rats" 


Apr 18, 2017           Abdelmetalab Tarhuni, Graduate Student, Dr. Boulares' Lab


TITLE:  "Paradoxical Roles for PARP-1 in Colon Cancer, Inflammation, and Tumor Immunity"


May 2, 2017            Ian Denys, Graduate Student, Dr. Kapusta's Lab  


May 9, 2017           Shannon Washington, Graduate Student, Dr. Neumann's Lab         


May 17, 2017         Dr. Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg, Professor, Vice Chairman

Wednesday            Department Physiology and Pharmacology                  

                               Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

TITLE:                   "Genetic and Epigenetic Variation in Liver Disease, Drug Development

                               and Treatment"


May 31, 2017*        Dr. Xuelin, Lou, Assistant Proferssor

Wednesday            Department of Neuroscience

                                School of Medicine and Pubilc Health

                                University of Wisconsin-Madison

TITLE:                    "Dynamin Mediated Endocytosis and Diabetes"


June 9, 2017*         Dr. Fuzheng Guo, Assistant Professor

                                Department of Neurology, School of Medicine

                                University of California-Davis

TITLE:                    "Oligondendroglial Development and Oligeodendrogliopathy

                                in Demyelinating Disorders"


June 12, 2017*       Rishi Rivedi, Graduate Student, Dr. Lefer's Lab

Monday                   Defense

TITLE:                   " Effects of LCZ696 on Nitric Oxide Bioavailability in Murine Model

                                of Heart Failure in the Setting of Hypertension"


June 13, 2017         Charles Seth Lott, Dr. Backes Lab





2016 Fall Seminar Series

Tuesdays at 12:30 pm, MEB Room 5252 

*(unless otherwise noted)



Aug 16, 2016              Rinku Majumder, Ph.D., Associate Professor

                                    Department. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, LSUHSC

TITLE:  "The Journey of “Protein S”, a Natural Anticoagulant: Promise & Perspective"


Sept 6, 2016             Alfred I. Geller, Ph.D.

                                  Professor of Ophthalmology & Pharmacology, LSUHSC

TITLE:  "Developing Genetic Tools for Analyzing Neocortical Circuits that Support Visual Learning"


Sept 13, 2016            Martin J. Ronis, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacology, LSUHSC

TITLE:  "Dietary Soy Prevents Promotion of Hepatocellular Carcinogenesis by Ethanol and Dietary Fat" 


Oct 6, 2016*               Jeffrey Wang, Graduate Student, Dr. Hamid Boulares' Lab

Thurs, 2:30 PM                              (Preliminary Exam)    

TITLE:  "Synthetic Degradation of Activated STAT6 by PARP1 Inhibition in TH2 Response" 


Oct 11, 2016             Snigdha Mukerjee,  Graduate Student, Dr. Eric Lazartigues’ Lab

TITLE: "Characterization of Hypothalamic Neurons in the Development of Neurogenic Hypertension"


Oct 18, 2016              Zhen Andrew Li, Graduate Student, Dr. David Lefer’s Lab

TITLE:  "Synthetic Degradation of Activated STAT6 by PARP1 Inhibition in TH2 Response"


Oct 25, 2016              Laura Erwin, Graduate Student, Dr. Peter Winsauer’s Lab

TITLE:  "Involvement of the Serotonin Transporter in the Discriminative Stimulus Effects of Mephedrone"


Oct 31, 2016*              Dr. Kartik Shankar, Associate Professor

Monday, 3:00 PM       Department of Pediatrics, Division of Developmental Nutrition

SEMINAR ROOM 4     University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

                            Associate Director for Basic Research, Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center

TITLE:  “Understanding Obesity and Metabolic Disease in the First 1000 days Paradigm”


Nov 1, 2016              Rebecca Crawford, Graduate Student, Dr. Imran Mungrue’s Lab

                                        (Dissertation Defense)

TITLE:  “CHACI Positively Regulates Differentiation and Protein Synthesis in the Musculoskeletal System"


Nov 11, 2016             Kelly ShermanGraduate Student, Dr. Charles Nichols Lab

* Friday at 1:00PM         (Dissertation Defense)

TITLE:  “The Comparative Effects of Methamphetamine and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide on Drosophila Behavior"


Nov 15, 2016            Yaguang Xi,  M.D. Ph.D. MBA, Professor and Vice Chair for Research

                                  Department of Genetics, Member, Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center, LSUHSC

TITLE:   MicroRNA and Cancer Therapeutics


Dec 13, 2016            David Harrison, MD, FACC, FAFA

                                 Vanderbilt University Medical Center

TITLE:  "Mechanisms of Inflammation in Hypertension”


2016 Spring Seminar Series

Feb 2, 2016               Kim Pedersen, PhD

                                   Postdoctoral Researcher, LSUHSC

TITLE:  “Quantifying the Impact of the Protease ADAM17 on the Carboxypeptidase ACE2"


Feb 9, 2016                Mardi Gras-No seminar


Feb 16, 2016               Donna Neumann, PhD,

                                    Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, LSUHSC

TITLE:  “HCMV and Glioblastoma Tumorigenesis: Is There a Connection?”


*Feb 23, 2016 (2:00 pm) Kusma Pyakurel Graduate Student, Dr. Bolares' Lab

TITLE:  "Role of DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase(DNA-PK) in Lung Inflammation"

                                      (Dissertation defense)


Mar 1, 2016                  Srinivas Sriramula, PhD, Instructor of Pharmacology, LSUHSC

TITLE:  “Inflammation and Hypertension: Central Role for Bradykinin B1 Receptor”


Mar 18, 2016                James P. Luyendyk, Ph.D., Michigan State University

                                      Associate Professor, Pathology & Diagnostic Investigation,

                                      Pharmacology and Toxicolgoy

TITLE:  “Clot Wars: The fibrin awakens….novel antifibrotic pathways”


Mar 22, 2016               Shannan Washington, Graduate Student, Dr. Neumann's Lab

TITLE:  "Unravelling the Role of CTCF-mediated Chromatin Loop Formation in

               HSV-1 Latency and Reactivation"

                                        (Preliminary Exam)                              


Apr 5, 2016                    Spring Break - No Seminar


Apr 12, 2016                Alyssa Fournet, Graduate Student, Dr. Winsauer's Lab

TITLE:  "Effects of THC on Memory: Roles of Sex and Sex Hormones"

                                       (Preliminary Exam)


Apr 19, 2016                Jason Gardner, PhD

                                     Associate Professor, Department of Physiology, LSUHSC

TITLE:  "Lysyl Oxidase in the Volume Overloaded Heart: Friend or Foe?"


Apr 25, 2016                Rishi Trivedi, Graduate Student, Dr. David Lefer's Lab

TITLE:  "Effects of ARNi Therapy on Cardioprotective Gasotransmitters"

                                          (Preliminary Exam)


 May 3, 2016                 Abdelmetalab Tarhuni, Graduate Student, Dr. Hamid Boulares' Lab

TITLE:  "Differential Roles of DNA-dependent Protein Kinase (DNA-PK) in Colon Tumorigenesis"


May 10, 2016                Patrick Connick, Graduate Student, Dr. Wayne Backes' Lab

TITLE:  "Physical Organization of the Cytochrome P450 System in the Endoplasmic Reticulum"


Jul 7, 2016                    David Polhemus,Graduate Student, Dr. David Lefer’s Lab  

TITLE:  "The Cardioprotective Actions of Renal Denervation"