Member                                             Specialty

Vinod Dasa, MD                                  Orthopedic Surgeon (Joint Replacement)    

Jeffrey Gimble, MD, PhD                      Cell Biologist (Stem Cell Biology, Cell
                                                              Culture Core,Tissue Culture Core)

Daniel Hayes, PhD                              Chemical Engineer (Nano/micro Scale
                                                             Biomaterial Synthesis, Drug Delivery
                                                             Systems, Tissue Engineering)

Jeffery Hobden, PhD                            Microbiologist (Implant related infections,
                                                             Biofilms, in vitro Models)

Jean Jacob, PhD                                 Biomedical Polymer Scientist
                                                             (Implant Biocompatibility,Wound
                                                             Healing, Drug Delivery Systems)

Andrew King, MD                                Orthopedic Surgeon 
                                                            (Pediatrics, Drug Delivery)

Mandi J. Lopez, DVM, MS, PhD           Orthopedic Scientist, Veterinary Surgeon
                                                            (Tissue Engineering, Biomechanical
                                                            Testing, Gait Analysis)

W. Todd Monroe, MS, PhD                  Biomedical Engineer 
                                                             (bioMEMS, Biophotonics,
                                                             Cellular Engineering) 

Michael Murphy, MS, PhD                   Mechanical Engineer (Biomechanics,
                                                              Kinematics, MEMS processing, 
                                                              MATLAB, CAD [SolidWorks,

Steve Nelson, MD                               Pulmonary Specialist (Respiratory 
                                                              Effects of Alcohol, Exercise,
                                                              and Muscular Diseases)