Bridge Grants

Michael Lan, PhD. "Discovering Adenosine Kinase Inhibitor Targets in Human Neuroblastoma"


Clinical Research Grants

Brian Barkemayer, MD, and Sunyoung Kim, PhD. “Molecular Diagnostic Tools for Necrotizing Enterocolitis”

Frank Lau, MD, and Martin Ronis, PhD. “Bisphenol A Generates Obesity through a Novel Mechanism: Mature Adipocyte Hypertrophy”


Resident Research Grants

Kari Whatley, MD and Mark Zielinski, MD. "Robotic Pet Therapy in Adults with Dementia"

Erin Dougher, DO, and Amelia Jernigan, MD. "Evaluation of Compliance of Research Standards and Ethics in Gynecologic Fellowships"

Sravani Avula, MD, and Danielle Gottlieb-Sen, MD. "Nutritional Biomarkers Associated with Growth in Children with Congenital Heart Disease"

 Hope Wilson, MD, and Rinku Majumder, PhD. "A Novel Role of Anti-Protein S Antibody in Hemophilia B Adjunct Therapy"