Recent LSUHSC-LSU Collaborative Grant Recipients


Megan Macnaughtan (LSU A&M) and Li Shen (LSUHSC-NO), “Mechanisms of sigma66-RNAP: CT663-mediated transcriptional regulation”.

Michael Mathis (LSU A&M) and Suresh Alahari (LSUHSC-NO), “Novel MicroRNA based therapeutic approaches to suppress breast tumor growth using SPECT imaging"

Todd Monroe (LSU A&M) and Frank Lau (LSUHSC-NO), “Cellular Scaffolds: A novel approach for the production of functional, implantable microvascular networks”

Kidong Park (LSU A&M) and Suresh Alahari (LSUHSC-NO), “Cell traction force measurement to investigate tumor-suppresive function of Nischarin”

Arthur Penn (LSU A&M), Slavo Lomnicki (LSU A&M), Kurt Varner (LSUHSC-NO) and Mitzi Glover (LSUHSC-NO), “Cardio-pulmonary responses in mice following inhalation exposure to environmentally persistent free radicals”

Gregg Pettis (LSU A&M) and Christopher Taylor (LSUHSC-NO), “Phenotypic and transcriptomic analyses of Vibrio cholerae colonial phase variants ”

Isiah Warner (LSU A&M) and Jeffrey Hobden (LSUHSC-NO), “GUMBOS, a new therapeutic approach for the prevention and treatment of gonorrhea”

Shaomian Yao, Shengmin Guo (LSU A&M) and Thomas Lallier (LSUHSC-NO), “Additive manufacturing and stem cell recruitment for enhancing osseointegration”