Mindfulness in Medicine

Mindfulness in Medicine Interest Group seeks to inform and educate future health care professionals about the importance of the health benefits patients can see from mindfulness techniques.  We offer free yoga classes and meditation sessions available to all students and staff affiliated with LSUHSC.  Researchers and health care practitioners who study and utilize mindfulness techniques in their work will come in to speak with members of our organization.  We will also offer members the opportunity to participate in community outreach where they can share mindfulness techniques with others.

Chair of Interprofessional Activities  Edward Starr estarr@lsuhsc.edu
Chair of
Research and
 Elaine Meyers emeye3@lsuhsc.edu
Chair of Mindful
Danielle Morelli dmore1@lsuhsc.edu
Chair of
Lucey Wright lwrig3@lsuhsc.edu
Faculty Advisor Lesley Ann Saketkoo

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