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Graduate Medical Education

LSU Residents Recognized at LSU Interim Hospital Awards

LSU Interim Hospital hosted its annual Intern and Resident of the Year Luncheon at the Windsor Court Hotel on May 29, 2015. Each year the hospital accepts nominations for interns and residents of the year from each department. Candidates should demonstrate dedication to the care of patients, an interest in teaching students and residents and an interest in research. Members of the ILH Executive and Credentials Committee select the award winners and certificates were presented to all LSU nominees.

The Office of Graduate Medical Education would like to congratulate and recognize Dr. Michael Modica, Department of Internal Medicine, for receiving the 2014-2015 LSU Intern of the Year Award and Dr. Jaclyn Spiegel, Department of Internal Medicine, as the 2014-2015 LSU Resident of the Year.


LSU Nominees for Intern of the Year

Elise Boos, MD - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Maria Chavez-Keatts, MD - Neurology

Sarah Clevenger, MD - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Thomas Lucak, MD - Orthopaedic Surgery

Steven Nelson, DDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Shannon Palombo, MD - Medicine/Pediatrics

James Russ, DO - Psychiatry

Qi "Charles" Zhang, MD - Emergency Medicine

Pictured: Janis Letourneau, MD and LSU Intern of the Year, Michael Modica, MD

Adeel Zia, MD - Family Medicine

LSU Intern of the Year

Michael Modica, MD - Internal Medicine

LSU Nominees for Resident of the Year

Michael Barton, MD - Emergency Medicine

Jared L. Braud, MD - Orthopaedic Surgery

Ilsa Leon, MD - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Raisa Coral Martinez, MD - Neurology

Khoa Nguyen, MD - Family Medicine

Cody Roi, DO - Psychiatry

Pictured: Janis Letourneau, MD, and LSU Resident of the Year,  Jaclyn Spiegel, MD

Garett Seeba, DMD, MD - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

William Shaffer, MD - Radiology

Jerome Volk, MD - Neurosurgery

Alexandra Wright, MD - Medicine/Pediatrics

LSU Resident of the Year

Jaclyn Spiegel, MD.

Department of Internal Medicine

Coordinator Spotlight

The GME Office recognizes the important work of coordinators across the School of Medicine and our new Coordinator Spotlight will highlight our coordinators who give so much of their time and energy to the position. In this first Coordinator Spotlight we would like to recognize Dana Brian, MPH, Radiology residency coordinator.

GME Coordinator Spotlight

Name: Dana Brian, MPH
Position: Residency Coordinator
Department: Radiology
Years of Service: Almost 3 years

What is the favorite part of your job?
Interview season! I enjoy meeting and conversing with candidates from all over the world.

What is the most challenging part of your job?
Keeping abreast of the ever-changing and increasing ACGME regulations and policies.

Hobbies/Interests: Live music, playing kickball, cheering for the Saints, cooking vegetarian/vegan cuisine, reading, collecting "Grumpy Cat" memorabilia.


The Office of Medical Education would like to welcome Kristen Chighizola to our team!

Ms. Chighizola comes to our office with medical education experience, having previously served as a Fellowship Coordinator for the LSU School of Medicine. She also brings a wealth of knowledge, having spent the past several years in the hospitality industry after completing her master's degree in Mass Communications at LSU in Baton Rouge.  Please join us in welcoming Ms. Chighizola to the Office of Medical Education.

Leigh Peters Joins the Office of Graduate Medical Education

The Office of Graduate Medical Education would like to welcome Leigh Peters to our team.  Mrs. Peters comes to our office with years of medical education experience, having served as Graphics Coordinator for LSUHSC Department of Orthopaedic Surgery as well as Marketing Manager at the former Lindy Boggs Medical Center - TENET Healthcare.She also brings a wealth of knowledge, strong managerial skills and experience working with diverse groups. Her expertise is in operational management, process systems, marketing, and program development.  Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Peters to the Office of Graduate Medical Education.

Enhancing Quality Improvement for Patients (EQuIP) / Patient Safety

3rd Annual Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Forum Held on May 27

Faculty, house officers and medical students from LSUHSC, Tulane University School of Medicine residency and fellowship programs and various local medical affiliates took part in the 3rd Annual Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Forum on Wednesday, May 27th.

Dr. Eric Warm, Director of Internal Medicine at the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, delivered the keynote address of the Forum. Dr. Warm provided an inspiring perspective on connecting education to care by promoting initiatives that place emphasis on overcoming barriers, team building and improving resident education and patient care.

Four additional projects were highlighted in oral presentations. 903-SAFE Utilization and Feedback was awarded Best Oral Presentation by a panel of judges including Drs. Jorge Martinez, Stacey Holman, Aran Toshav and Warm. This study evaluated the average resident use of the 903-SAFE patient safety reporting system and the subsequent frequency and availability of feedback if requested.

Think Now or Pay Later, a study by UMC Lafayette residents, included themes that highlighted an investigative study on preoperative testing guidelines in order to promote a higher value of care while avoiding unnecessary costs.Future data collection will continue, making this study an annual addition to the QI Forum.

LSU School of Medicine and Nursing and Tulane School of Medicine and Public Health teamed up with Xavier College of Pharmacy to present the results of their grant-awarded project, Care Coordination in the Crescent City: Results of 2014 Cohort, Preparing for the 2015 Cohort.This collaboration highlighted their innovative approach to enhancing the experience and outcomes of the "super-user" patient while reducing per capita spending costs and readmissions, a term, known as "hotspotting."

LSU staff and residents rounded out the QI Forum oral presentations with Evaluation of a Patient Safety Handoff Curriculum for Pediatric Residents, a project aimed at improving patient handoff among pediatric residents using a standardized handoff curriculum.Their study concluded that an educational workshop greatly impacted patient handoff, resulting in a more standardized and complete checkout approach for residents and significant improvement in their confidence, knowledge, judgment and communication during this process.

Seven abstracts and 26 poster presentations detailing QI/PS initiatives and projects by house staff, medical students and faculty members concluded the forum. The poster presentation Impact of Timing of Dental Care on Expedient Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer Patients was recognized as the Best Poster Presentation winner.Dr. Nelson and the Dean's Office have graciously supported this award, along with the Best Oral Presentation, with travel reimbursement if they are selected at regional or national meetings over the next year.

The EQuIP office continues to work to develop QI/PS knowledge and practices at LSUHSC. New initiatives are forthcoming in the areas of faculty development and interdisciplinary education, while the clinical range of projects featured this year demonstrated the worthy efforts currently underway.

The Forum was jointly sponsored by the EQuIP program, the Office of Graduate Medical Education and the LSU SOM Dean's Office.

For more information, contact Dr. Zee Ali, EQuIP Director, at or Leigh Peters, EQuIP Coordinator, at To view the 2015 forum webcast and keynote speaker address, visit the EQuIP website at .

Mark Your Calendar

    Important Upcoming Dates

  • June 18 - GMEC Meeting - Conference Room 7 at 1:00PM
  • June 24 & 25 - Incoming House Officer Pelican Training - MEB MDL Labs at 8:00AM - 5:00PM
  • June 26 - Incoming House Officer LSUHSC Training- MEB Lecture Room B at 8:00AM - 5:00PM
  • June 30 - Incoming House Officer ILH Training - MEB Lecture Room B at 8:00AM - 5:00PM
  • July 16 - GMEC Meeting - Conference Room 7 at 1:00PM
  • August 20 - GMEC Meeting - Conference Room 7 at 1:00PM
  • August 20 - CORE Meeting - Learning Center Lecture Room at 2:00PM
  • September 17 - GMEC Meeting - Conference Room 7 at 1:00PM

Undergraduate Medical Education

We wish our new and returning students, faculty, and staff an amazing 2015-2016 academic year!

The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) is excited that plans for curriculum renewal were approved by an overwhelming majority in April's faculty vote.  We rev up the 2015-2016 academic year in high gear as the concept of change emerges as the underlying theme!  The Class of 2019 begin their new journey as first year medical students on August 10, 2015 and they will be the first class to experience the revised curriculum.  This year brings about new courses, diverse methods of instruction, and strong collaboration across all disciplines.  Work is ongoing as we plan major revisions of the year 2 curriculum (for implementation in 2016-17).  We are certain that this will be a stimulating year for both students and faculty!

Upcoming workshops for faculty:

House Faculty Meeting regarding changes to the small group format for Clinical Skills Integration 100 - July 15th at 4:00 PM in the Learning Center

House Faculty Meeting regarding changes to the small group format for Clinical Skills Integration 100 - July 30th at 3:00 PM in the Learning Center (this is a repeat of the July 15th meeting)

Team Based Learning Workshop - July 29th at 1:00 PM in MDL 3

UME is also very excited to host The Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) feedback luncheon on July 22, 2015. This will be a great opportunity for the Class of 2018 to discuss their training and exposure within the practice of primary care.

We wish our new and returning students, faculty, and staff an amazing 2015-2016 academic year

Continuing Medical Education

The Office of CME is currently undergoing the reaccreditation and self-study process with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).  Accreditation is a 16 month process that occurs every 4-5 years and ensure  CME providers are compliant with both the AMA's Physician's Recognition Award program and the ACCME's Criteria and Standards for Commercial Support.  Continued accreditation ensures LSU health professionals will continue to earn valuable continuing education credits (CME) on campus through certified activities. The office of CME oversaw over 300 activities and issued over 15,000 educational credits in the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Reaccreditation is a 3-step process involving a self-study report examining the processes our CME office uses to ensure our CME activities meet the criteria as well as submission of 15 CME activities demonstrating the processes in place.  After submission of the materials, a committee reviews the information and conducts a conference call interview with ACCME staff and Dr. Charles Hilton, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Reaccreditation decisions are ratified at ACCME Board of Director meetings held each quarter.  LSU CME's decision is expected in March, 2016.

Office of Medical Education, Research and Development

Since the last newsletter considerable progress has been made on a number of projects and new ones have emerged.As we approach the close of the 2014-15 academic year and the beginning of a new one, efforts have been focused on bring several projects to a close.Below are highlights of several such projects.

Statewide Simulation Faculty Development Program

With continued funding from the Louisiana Health Works Commission and Board of Regents for 2014-15, the final sessions were completed in April and May in Shreveport and Lafayette, respectively.The final four courses of the curriculum were very well received in both regional programs and effectiveness results were very encouraging.In final stretch of this year's project, and as PI for the project, Dr. Sheila Chauvin is working to form a statewide oversight group to facilitate sustainability of the program.She is also looking forward to establishing a process for training other faculty across the state to deliver the twelve courses in response to expressed needs and interests of faculty involved in using simulation methods in their teaching and preparation of health professions learners across the career continuum.Currently, Dr. Chauvin and Dr. Aryn Karpinski  are in the process of analyzing program evaluation data and using the results for final project reporting and setting targets for the next phase of the program's development and sustainability plans

Point-of-Care (in situ), Inter-professional, Simulation-based Team Training

Also supported with funds from the Louisiana Health Works Commission and Board of Regents, Dr. Chauvin (PD/PI) has been working closely with Dr. Matthew Carlisle, now Director of Point-of-Care Simulation Training in the Learning Center, and Dr. Hilton to examine and focus efforts for moving forward with this type of continuing education. A few remaining sessions at hospitals will be completed in June.Health professionals have been highly receptive to and positive about this type of training. Several new opportunities have been identified for the 2015-16 academic year to enhance and expand the point-of-care efforts and these are being investigated now. For more information about this project, please contact either Dr. Chauvin ( or Dr. Carlisle (

A routine function of the OMERAD is to facilitate faculty development in areas of identified need and interest.Much of this work is conducted through consultation and collaboration with faculty members individually and in small groups
to support innovations and quality in teaching and education and for educational research and scholarship. Drs. Chauvin
and Karpinski are available to design and deliver customized faculty development programs and sessions upon request.

In terms of scholarly dissemination, the following occurred during the second quarter of 2015.


2015 LSUHSC Pediatrics Research Day Best Oral Presentation Winner

Sandlin, C., Gallois, J., Hernandez, L., Karpinski, A.C., Murphy, H., Messer, A., Mims, M., Steinhardt, M., & Stevens, A.  Evaluation of a patient handoff curriculum for pediatric residents.

Peer-reviewed Presentations at Professional Meetings and Conferences:

Lazar, D.B., Karpinski, A.C., & Rao, A. (2015,May). The effect of ocular massage on intraocular pressure in phakic       eyes versus pseudophakic eyes after intravitreal injections. Paper presented at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Denver, CO.

Breaud, S.M., Golobev, I., & Karpinski, A.C. (2015, April). Late edema after ILM peel for macular hole and epiretinal membrane. Invited lecture/paper presented at The University of Mississippi School of Medicine Ophthalmology Grand Rounds Series, Jackson, MS.  

Karpinski, A.C., LaRochelle, J.M., & Chauvin, S.W. (2015, April). Racial differences in communication
apprehension and interprofessional socialization in 4th-year Doctor of Pharmacy students. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL. 

Rae, G., Cork, R.J., Karpinski, A.C., Farris, H., & Swartz, W. (2015, March). Using the brains we have: Dissection of the human brain assists the medical student in learning and retaining neuroanatomy. Paper presented at The American
Association of Anatomists Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology, Boston, MA.

Peer-reviewed Poster Presentations:

Malowitz, S.M., Karpinski, A.C., Green, M.E., Hyman, P.E., & Rosenberg, A.J. (2015, May). Age of onset of functional constipation. Poster presented at Digestive Disease Week Conference, Washington, D.C.

Trommelen, R., Karpinski, A.C., & Chauvin, S.W. (2015, April). Case-based learning and reflection's impact on clinical reasoning in physical therapy education. Poster presented at the meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL.

Thomas, A., Karpinski, A.C., Hirsch, A., Iwamoto, T., Clement, K., Lambert, A., & Holman, S. (2015, April). Enhancing staff education in the LSU OBGYN clinic. Poster presented at the 67th Annual Congress of the Japan Society of Obstetrics & Gynocology, Yokomaha, Japan.

LSUHSC Academy for the Advancement of Educational Scholarship

The health sciences center-wide Academy is administratively based in the OMERAD and directed by Dr. Chauvin.  To learn more about the Academy, its programs and upcoming events, please go to  Interested faculty may submit applications for membership at any time.  Reviews are conducted on a quarterly basis.  For residents, fellows, doctoral and post-doc, and other terminal degree students, membership is available as a Protégé during training, with application and sponsorship by an Academy member in good standing.  For more information, please email or go to the Academy website. You may also enjoy reading the Academy Bulletin, a semi-annual publication that is also available as a PDF from the Academy website. 

Spring Symposium and Faculty Development Program

The strategic design thinking process is nearing completion for the Academy as well as its strategic action agenda for its future. A special session open to all LSU Health faculty was held at the Academy Spring Symposium on Tuesday, April 7.  Nearly 40 faculty representing the full career continuum and diversity of faculty across the health sciences center contributed through small and large group discussions and a set of structured exercises.  Input was very beneficial to exploring the range of strategies for making the best use of available resources to respond effectively to faculty interests and needs as educators. 

The 2015 program focused on faculty development in Team-based Learning (TBL) and was facilitated by Ruth Levine, MD from University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston.  The plenary presentation and the afternoon hands-learning session were well-attended and well-received. 

Upcoming Programs and Opportunities:
Applications are in for the Docere Fellowships in Health Professions Education and in peer-review.  An announcement in the near future will celebrate the acceptance of new Fellows in the program.  Similarly, three faculty are about to complete their two-year fellowship in this program and will present their scholarly projects on June 22.  Congratulations to the following faculty members who are completing this program:

  • Rachel Trommelen, DPT, Academy Fellow, Physical Therapy, School of Allied Health Professions   
  • Joseph LaRochelle, PharmD, Academy Fellow, Pediatrics, School of Medicine and Pediatric Pharmacy, Xavier School of Pharmacy  
  • Michael Stumpf, MD, Academy Associate, Medicine - Baton Rouge campus, School of Medicine

2015 Back to Basics Summer Teaching Institute will be Tuesday, July 28 in the Isidore Cohn, Jr. Learning Center.The program is focused particularly on educator needs of new faculty and existing faculty who may be either new to teaching or interested in new techniques and ideas related to excellence in teaching.Registration for the session is very much appreciated for effective planning.Interested should email to indicate their intention to attend.The full program of sessions offered throughout the day is available at the Academy website.

2015 Fall Symposium and Educational Scholarship Day will be Wednesday, October 28. The call for Educational Scholarship Day presentation proposals will be distributed in June.Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals demonstrating their innovative and creative approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment in health professions education as well as products of their scholarly work.The Call for Proposals and the submission form are available from the Academy website, as are details regarding the symposium program.

Academy website:

Learning Center

LSU Alumni Tour Learning Center

In conjunction with the LSU Medical Alumni Reunion Weekend, LSU alumni were invited to return to the medical school to tour the Isidore Cohn, Jr. Student Learning Center and the Russell C. Klein, MD (59) Center for Advance Practice on Friday, June 5, 2014.  Alumni received hands-on demonstrations from several Learning Center faculty.

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