Joy Osofsky, PhD

Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Public Health
Head, Division of Pediatric Mental Health

Barbara Lemann Professorship of Child Welfare

Department of Pediatrics
Children's Hospital
200 Henry Clay Ave
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: (504) 296-9011
Fax: (504) 568-6006

Patient Appointments: 504-568-6004

E-mail: josofs@lsuhsc.edu


BA Psychology - 1966
Syracuse University

MA Psychology - 1967
Syracuse University

Ph.D. Psychology - 1969
Syracuse University


Internship, Clinical Psychology - Children's Hospital Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, 1975-1976

Fellow, Clinical Psychology - The Menninger Foundation, 1976-1978
Graduate, Topeka Institute for Psychoanalysis, 1985

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Interests

Impact of community and domestic violence on children
Adolescent mothers and families at high psychosocial risk

Teaching Activities

Pediatrics, Psychiatry, & Public Health

Committees & Administrative Responsibilities

President, Zero To Three/National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families, 2003-2006; Vice President ZTT (2000-2003); Executive Committee (1998-present); Member Board of Directors (1986-present)
Member, Pew National Commission on Children in Foster Care, 2003-2004
Member, Executive Committee, World Association for Infant Mental Health (2000- present)
Co-Chair, Leadership Development Initiative, Zero to Three, 1998-present
Chair, Violence Study Group Zero to Three, National Center for Clinical Infant Programs, 1992 - Present
Advisory Board, Margaret Mahler Research Foundation, 1989-Present
Member, Committee for the Fund for Psychoanalytic Research, Committee on Scientific Activities, Committee on Psychoanalysis, Community and Society American Psychoanalytic Association, 1993-Present
Member, Research Committee, International Psychoanalytic Association, 1993-Present
Consultant, Department of Justice, 1999-present
Member, Lieutenant Governor's State Committee on Children (1992-Present)
Advisory Committee on Infant Mental Health, Louisiana Office of Mental Health (1993-Present)
Member, ChildNet, Governor's Committee on Needs of Children and Intervention (l996-Present)
Advisory Board, The Caring Foundation (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) for Youth Violence Prevention, (2000-present)
Consultant for Office of Mental Health for infant mental health programs (2002-present)
Member, Alliance for Human Services Violence Prevention Initiative (1994-Present)
Member, Crescent City Peace Alliance (1995-Present)
Zero to Three/National Center for Infants, Toddlers, & Families- President-Elect
American Psychological Association, Member, Division 37- Child, Youth and Family Services (2000- )
World Association for Infant Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, Member of Executive Committee (1985-Present)
International Conference on Infant Studies (1978- Present )
American Orthopsychiatric Association Fellow (1976-Present)
Steering Committee for Ford/MacArthur Grant to Greater New Orleans Foundation (1989- )
Member of Pew National Commission for Children in Foster Care -2003-2004

Selected Publications

Osofsky, J.D. & Osofsky, H.J., Children's exposure to community violence: Psychoanalytic perspectives on education and treatment, Violence, Terrorism, & Transmission of Trauma: Analytically Informed Interventions in the Community , 2003.

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Osofsky, J.D., Infants and violence: Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment, WAIMH Handbook of Infant Mental Health , 2000.

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