Women in Medicine Month
September 2018

LSU Pediatrics


1.  Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds*:
     Diversity and Equity in Academic Medicine, Dr. Angela McClean
     Wednesday, September 5, 2018, 8 am – 9 am
     Children’s Hospital, State Street Conference Center
     Continental breakfast will be served.

2.  Women’s Breakfast Celebration**
Wednesday, September 12, Breakfast Buffet, 7 am – 10 am (served over the three hours; stop in at your convenience)
     Children’s Hospital, 2 Center     
     Networking social event with a shlideshow of Women in Medicine Pioneers and Leaders displayed:
     Pioneers to be profiled: Dr. Rowena Spencer, Dr. Bertha Wexler, Dr. Jody Gates, Dr. Judy Harris, Dr. Caroline Duncan,
     Dr. Sheila Gottshcalk , Dr. Nell Pape Waring
     Profiles of our current Pediatric Professors/Leaders: Dr. Lolie Yu, Dr. Renee Gardner, Dr. Maria Velez, Dr. Joy Osofsky,
     Dr. Sue Berry, Dr. Betty Lo, Dr. Ann Tilton, Dr. Dana Rivera, Dr. Duna Penn, Dr. Robin English, Dr. Raghubir Mangat,
     Dr. Ray Brown, Dr. Bonnie Desselle

3.  Women’s Forum on Challenges and Barriers to Women Leaders**
     Thursday, September 20, 2018, 12 pm – 1 pm
     Children’s Hospital, State Street Conference Center
     Moderator: B. Desselle
     Facilitators: Drs. Jerussa Levy, Leslie Reilly, Julie Gallois, Leah Nuss
     Box lunch and beverages will be served.

4.  Women's Networking Social & Journal Club**
Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 5 pm - 7 pm
     The Columns Hotel, 3811 St. Charles Ave
     Hor d'oeuvres will be served.

* All invited     **Women medical students, residents, fellows, faculty, administrators



Advice from Wise Women

Know your worth and stand up for it/ yourself

Ask for things you know you deserve; Don’t feel inferior!

Don’t give up your dream/plan; sometimes you will take a “detour”

Figure out what brings you joy, incorporate excellent self-care and position yourself to be able to live a life filled with joy.

Believe in yourself.  Ask for help/advice and what you need– listen to your gut – if it feels wrong maybe it is wrong…define your goals and don’t always say yes

Don't sell yourself short

Ask for help as needed.  Have a mentor for career advancement

Invest time in taking care of self – and exercise, eat right, and nourish mind and spirit

Spend more time developing relationships than working hard

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you NEED/WANT

Cut out the guilt and second guessing

Support other women in their choices

Figure out who you really ARE and what you really WANT and go FOR IT!

Surround yourself with supportive people who want to see you succeed

Advocate for yourselves. Be confident

Set specific goals and seek out mentorship to reach them

Seek to find a position and leader that allows for work life balance and flexibility for family b/c it’s more important than salary

Get involved so others know your ideas/interests

Figure out what brings you joy and position yourself to do THAT.  To get there don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions and stay true to yourself through the journey

Find a few female peers/colleagues to support you and each other

Align your “yes” to tasks with your mission

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one – practice self- compassion and gratitude DAILY- success and happiness will then come your way



To celebrate Women in Medicine Month, the department will profile several Women Physician Pioneers as well as some of our current leaders. Please take a moment to read through their many accomplishments or attend one of the events happening this month to help honor all past, present and future leaders.

Click on each slide to view the complete presentation.

Pages from Women Physician Pioneers CHNOLA


Pages from Profiles Women Leaders LSU DOP

Women’s Breakfast Celebration - September 12, 2018

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aW in M Brunch 2018-08   aW in M Brunch 2018-09  aW in M Brunch 2018-12


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