Amy Rinner


Amy E. Rinner, Psy.D. (2021, Clinical Psychology, Regent University; 2021-2022, Postdoctoral Fellow in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health and trauma work, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center). Dr. Rinner is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at LSUHSC and is the Program Coordinator for the Harris Infant Mental Health training program. Dr. Rinner specializes in working with children and youth, particularly young children ages 0-5. Dr. Rinner is trained in TF-CBT, CPP, and TBRI and has been an active member of the LSUHSC Infant Team since 2020. Dr. Rinner enjoys consulting with local and statewide DCFS agencies regarding children in foster care and DCFS worker wellness. Dr. Rinner also serves in a supportive training role with LSUHSC psychology predoctoral interns at Metropolitan Human Services District in child and youth services. Dr. Rinner co-directs practicum student training with Dr. Sebastian Del Corral-Winder.