Shane Bierma, Ph.D.



Shane Bierma, Ph.D. (2019, University of Tennessee, Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology; 2019, Post-Doctoral Fellow, LSUHSC). Dr. Bierma is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry for LSUHSC and provides clinical and training services in the behavioral health psychiatric inpatient and HIV outpatient (HOP) departments at UMCNO. Her interests include neuropsychological assessment and research of cognitive decline and memory impairment in individuals living with HIV and impacts of health comorbidities within this population. Additionally, she does research on factors of identity on retention in STEM across three Southeastern Universities with the support of NSF funding. She teaches about intersectionality of identity and culturally competent healthcare, along with health equity and psychodynamic psychotherapy. She is involved in psychology intern and psychiatry resident training and clinical supervision including assessment, psychotherapy, and working with underserved populations. Dr. Bierma specializes in working with the GSM community, including gay men and trans individuals. She provides evaluations and transition psychotherapy for HRT and gender affirming surgery, and training and clinical supervision in this specialty area.  

Current Curriculum Vitae