Request for Applications for Pilot Project Funding


FUNDING OPPORTUNITY:  The Alcohol & Drug Abuse Center of Excellence is accepting applications for its Pilot Project Program. Three to four awards of $10,000 to $15,000 per project for a 12-month period are anticipated. 

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:   October 31, 2013     Download Application Here

PURPOSE: The purpose of the ADACE Pilot Project Program is to expand interest in the alcohol and drug abuse research field within the LSUHSC. The goal of the program is to foster collaborations that have the potential to develop into projects that are competitive for external funding. Applications for pilot projects should align with the mission of the NIAAA and/or NIDA and preferably synergize with existing funded areas of research within LSUHSC including but not limited to the impact of alcohol and drugs of abuse on HIV/AIDS, injury, stress, and behavior. Pilot projects to establish new collaborations are strongly encouraged.

Application instructions:

Research Plan Not to exceed 3 pages

NIH style Biosketch that includes Other Support for all key personnel. Other Support should indicate percent effort and total direct costs for duration on the grant or contract.

Budget:  Not to exceed $15,000. Salary support or travel is not allowed. 

SUBMISSION:  Proposals should be submitted electronically as a single PDF file including the three items above to Betsy Giaimo at no later than October 31, 2013.

Please note: This funding mechanism does not need to be routed through the Office of Research Services at LSUHSC for signatures. However, proof of IBC, IRB, and/or IACUC approval will be requested prior to approval.

Review/Evaluation Process: Proposals will be reviewed by the ADACE Steering Committee. Pre- and postdoctoral fellows may be involved in the review process for training purposes. In the review process, interview and/or seminar-like presentations may be requested of applicants, especially if ADACE Steering members are not familiar with the applicant and the area of research proposed.

Criteria for Review/Evaluation of Applications: Applications will be prioritized using the following criteria:

Significance – Does the study address an important problem to the alcohol and drug abuse research field? 

Approach – Are the overall approach, design, methods and analysis adequately developed and appropriate to address the aims of the study?

Innovation – Does the study use novel approaches, challenge existing ideas or develop new methodologies?

Investigators – Is he/she appropriately trained and experienced in the research area to carry out the proposed work, and does the investigator have the track record that would warrant extramural funding based on the data obtained?

Resources and Environment – Does the PI have adequate infrastructure to address the technical needs of the study?

Funding decision: Awards will be announced at the 2nd ADACE Scientific retreat to be held on December 13th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Lions Building, Neuroscience Center of Excellence Conference Room 8th Floor. Funding is anticipated to start on January 1st, contingent upon approval by appropriate institutional committees (Institutional Review Board for human subject research, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Institutional Biosafety Committee).


A mid-year Progress Report must be submitted to ADACE by June 1, 2014. The Project PIs will be expected to give a short oral presentation on the progress at an ADACE meeting to be scheduled in May 2014.