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Mentoring Translational Researchers in Louisiana

The COBRE is a sponsored project funded through the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, a subsidiary of the National Institutes of Health. The goal of the COBRE program is to mentor outstanding junior faulty to become independent researchers. The LSU Health Sciences Center program intends to fill the gap that exists in Louisiana between the expanding basic sciences and the limited translational research capabilities. To address this problem, a group of successful researchers in immunobiology and immunopathology of chronic diseases are mentoring a group of selected promising junior investigators to pursue biomedical research with demonstrated translational benefits to patient care. The thematic focus centers on understanding the immunobiology of disease. The unifying hypothesis is that “Chronic inflammation results from a dysfunctional immune response to an offending agent, resulting in tissue damage instead of host protection. Understanding the mechanisms that subvert the immune system in the disease and the signals that induce a protective response can provide novel therapeutic approaches to modulate the immune response.” This concept brings together a critical mass of scientists and supports the basis for a Center of Excellence for Translational Immunobiology at LSUHSC-NO. Scientists supported by this COBRE use basic and clinical research to explore signal transduction, molecular regulation of the immune system, and alterations caused by disease.

The project described was supported by grant number P20GM103501 from the National Institutes of General Medical Sciences, a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily report the official view of NIGMS or NIH.