During last four years CTVO engaged 10 junior principal investigators (JPIs), 8 mentors, 2 external evaluators, 13 core facility employees, and 5 members of the external advisory committee. Our scientists published 37 research articles and obtained 12 research grant. As a result, four JPIs graduated our Program.

In addition, CTVO developed and is fully supporting Administrative Core and two Research Cores, HIV Clinical Tumor Biorepository (HCTB) and the Biostatistics Bioinformatics Core (BBC) that are specifically tailored to CTVO supported research projects, as well as scientists from different LSU Departments and different Universities in the region. In addition, CTVO partially supports existing research cores previously developed by the COBRE “Mentoring Translational Research in Louisiana (MTRL): Cellular Immunology Metabolomics Core (CIMC); Translational Genomics Core (TGC), and Molecular Histopathology Analytical Microscopy (MHAM).