HIV Clinical/Tumor Biorepository Core

Background: Published data indicate disparities for virus-associated malignancies arising in the setting of HIV infection.  Effective HIV therapy has not clearly impacted incidence or survival for many virus-associated cancers.  Therefore, translation of novel research findings to the clinic is especially critical for HIV+ patients with cancer.  Utilization of biospecimens from HIV+ volunteers informs and ensures clinical relevance for laboratory-based mechanistic studies and is integral to clinical translation of virus-associated cancer research.

Services: The HCTB Core can provide whole blood, plasma, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), saliva, and tissue from HIV+ patients. Samples are provided frozen but can be provided fresh upon request.

Service COBRE LSU Other
Frozen Tissue $70 $98 $140
Fresh Whole Blood (10mL) $30 $42 $60
Plasma (1mL) $10 $14 $20
PBMCs (10*106 cells) $40 $56 $80
Saliva $10 $14 $20

Collaboration and Funding: The HCTB Core is currently funded through the Center for Translational Viral Oncology COBRE, Program Director Krzysztof Reiss, to provide COBRE investigators samples needed for ongoing projects. Dr. Sukanthini Subbiah is the HCTB Core Director and is also Director of the HIV Cancer Care Program with the core works hand in hand with.  Not only does the core provide specimens for the COBRE and LSU investigators but is also currently working with University of Florida investigator Rolf Renne and University of Arkansas investigator Zhiqiang Qin.

Clinical Data: All de-identified biospecimens have linked clinical data from patients including age, gender, race, viral load, and CD4 counts.  Patient volunteers also answer a questionnaire including information about use of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.  Cancer diagnosis, family history of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac disease are also included in clinical information gathered from patients.  A list of all medications both HIV and non-HIV are collected as well.  By combining clinical information with patient samples, investigators can request specific criteria for biospecimens to be used in their studies.

For all sample requests please contact Core Manager Karlie Bonstaff, Ph.D., at or (504) 210-3429.