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Summary Information

Finding Opportunities

Data for PHS 398 Face Page and Related Forms

  • Address: 1700 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, LA  70112-2244

  • Employer Federal Tax ID: 726087770

  • NIH Entity Number (EIN): 1-726087770-A2 (for proposals and progress reports)

  • EIN (other than NIH): 726087770

  • Institutional Profile Code (IPC) Number: 577902

  • DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet) Number: 782627814

  • Animal Welfare Assurance Number: A3094-01 (date 12/12/12; expires 12/31/16)

  • Disposition Authority Number (DAN) = 0700321127

  • Human Subjects Assurance Number: FWA00002762

  • Congressional District: LA-002

  • Cognizant Federal Agency: Department of Health and Human Services (Region 6); POC is Theodore Foster; (214) 767-3411

  • FICE Code: 2014

  • SIC Code: 8221

  • CAGE Number: 3DAZ1

  • State Vendor Code: 72-6087770-38

How to Submit Grant Applications

Electronic Grant Applications: Inputting LSUHSC - N.O. Contact Information

Official Signing for Applicant Organization

  • Joseph M. Moerschbaecher, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Tel: 504-568-4804, Fax: 504-568-5588, ERA_SO_ACCT@lsuhsc.edu, 433 Bolivar Street, Room 824, New Orleans, LA 70112. (When preparing a grants.gov application, abbreviate his title as Vice Chancellor, Acad. Affairs.)

Fiscal Officer

  • Nicole Hammill, Associate Director, Sponsored Projects, Tel: 504-568-4867, Fax: 504-568-6376, Spon_Proj@lsuhsc.edu, 433 Bolivar Street, 6th Floor, New Orleans, LA 70112

Facilities & Administrative Cost Rate (LSUHSC)

A new F&A agreement was signed December 20, 2013.  (Use this date when completing the PHS 398 Checklist, NIH budgets, and similar documents.)

Sponsored Activity



Organized Research



Clinical Trials



Please check with Jonna (504-210-2838) or the Office of Research Administration (504-599-1533) if you are uncertain about the appropriate indirect cost rate.

Fringe Benefits

For budgets periods beginning after July 1, 2013, use FY 2014 rates. The faculty and staff rate has been increased to 41%. A complete list can be found here.

Cost Sharing

  • Project costs that are not supported by an external sponsor in agency, either due to a requirement of the agency or at the grantee's initiative, constitute cost sharing. Normally, cost sharing is a departmental responsibility and must be discussed with the director/chair prior to submitting a proposal. Our office can answer specific questions about this issue.

Additional Information