2014 3:26:54 PM

Louisiana Cancer and Lung Trust Fund Board

The mission of the Louisiana Cancer and Lung Trust Fund Board (LCLTFB) is to reduce the incidence, morbidity, mortality, and economic impact of cancer on the residents of Louisiana. To accomplish its mission, the Board plans, coordinates and monitors statewide efforts that target cancer through education, prevention, research, surveillance, and early detection and  screening.

The Board membership is comprised of twelve public and private institutions and agencies representing the entire State of Louisiana and its citizens. The Board supports the activities of the Louisiana Cancer Control Partnership (LCCP), including administrative support, providing partial funding for regional cancer control officers around the state, and serving on the LCCP Executive Committee.

Since its inception by legislative act (R.S. 40.1299.88) in 1980, the Louisiana Cancer and Lung Trust Fund Board has been charged with two primary areas of concern: developing policy and procedures for the Louisiana Tumor Registry, and the distribution of state funds for research. The Board uses a process of peer review to ensure the best use of funding appropriated by the State legislature. Using limited resources on the most promising and useful projects, allows local investigators to begin the groundwork for projects qualifying for national funding.