2014 4:29:30 PM

Planned Giving

While every gift is planned, planned giving generally represents the ultimate gift from one's estate. The Planned Giving office includes an attorney who is familiar with income, gift, and estate tax laws as well as financial and estate planning concepts and is available to work with prospective donors and their professional advisors to facilitate a wide variety of complex gifts. Such gifts may include outright gifts of: closely held or publicly traded stock; real estate; artwork; and other appreciated assets. Additionally, we work with donors who wish to make significant tax-wise gifts as part of their overall estate plans. Often these gifts are deferred and can take the form of a bequest in one's will; a gift of retirement plan assets; or a gift of life insurance. In addition, there are a variety of trust arrangements, such as charitable remainder trusts, which can provide an income stream to the donor or other beneficiaries, as well as charitable lead trusts, which can work towards the preservation of one's estate.

If you would like a complimentary copy of An Introduction to Planned Giving or you wish to schedule a private consultation, please contact Katherine A. Hoffman, JD, CPA, at (504) 568-3712 or via email at khoffm@lsuhsc.edu. To learn more about Planned Giving on line, please visit the LSUHSC Foundation.