Short Term Research Experiences in Cancer Photos

Year 2011
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Mohamed Abughazleh and Hamid Boulares, Ph.D. (Mentor)
Project Title:  Role Of DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase (DNAPK) In Cell Migration And Adhesion


Diego Avilés (Michael Hagensee, M.D., Ph.D., Mentor, not pictured)
Project Title:  Epstein-Barr Virus And The Development Of Cervical Dysplasia In The Women's Interagency Health Study


Christian Davis and Hamid Boulares, Ph.D. (Mentor)
Project Title:  A Role Of PARP-1 Catalytic Domain On LPS-Mediated NF-Kb Activation


Jovanny Zabaleta, Ph.D. (Mentor) and Bradley "Paul" Fossier
Project Title:  Molecular Profiling of Pancreatic Cancer Patients


Nicholas Frank and Francesca Peruzzi, Ph.D. (Mentor)
Project Title: Mechanisms of Gene Expression Regulation in Glioblastoma Cells


Ryan Gravolet (Tara Lin, M.D., Mentor, Not Pictured)
Project Title:  Prognostic Markers in Follicular Lymphoma


Darcy Guo and Arnold Zea, Ph.D. (Mentor)
Project Title:  Eker Rat Cell Line Responses to Ifns As a Model of Renal Cell Carcinoma Treatment


Lolie Yu, M.D. (Mentor) and Jordan Harry
Project Title:  Thrombosis in Pediatric Cancer Patients:  Is Genetic Testing Necessary?

Krzysztof Reiss, Ph.D. (Mentor) and David Impastato
Project Title:  Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Glioblastoma Tumor Growth and Survival

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