Short Term Research Experiences in Cancer Photos

Year 2012
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Christian Davis, Hamid Boulares, Ph.D. (Mentor), and Mohammad Abughazleh
Christian's Project Title:  Role of Poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerase (PARP)-1 in Oxidative Stress-Mediated NF-kB Activation
Mohammad's Project Title:  DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase (DNA-PK) Regulates TNF-Induced ICAM-1 Expression in A Human Colon Cancer Cell Line: A Novel Role for DNA-PK


Wanguo Liu, Ph.D. (Mentor) and Michael Bolton
Project Title:  Epstein-Barr Virus And The Development Of Cervical Dysplasia In The Women's Interagency Health Study



Michael Braithwaite (Mentors, Marco Ruiz M.D., and John Estrada, M.D., Not Pictured)
Project Title:  Malignancies in HIV, the Link Between Cancer and HIV


Eugene Woltering, M.D. (Mentor) and Peter Casey
Project Title:  The Effect of Dovitinib or Human Angiogenesis


Jared Gambrell (Stephania Cormier, Ph.D., Mentor, Not Pictured)
Project Title: Determining the CDR3 Sequence Repertoire of TCRβ Chain Genes in Regulatory T Cells Induced by Early Life Exposure to Particulate Matter


Paulo Rodriguez, Ph.D. (Mentor) and Daniel Halle
Project Title:  Novel Mechanisms of T Cell Suppression in Tumors



Lolie Yu, M.D. (Mentor) and Jordan Harry
Project Title:  BK Virus Infection Prophylaxis in HSCT Patients:  Levaquin vs No Levaquin



James Haydel and Krzysztof Reiss, Ph.D. (Mentor)
Project Title:  Effects of EtoH on Cell Survival is Dependant Upon IGF-1 Receptors



Meghan Jones (Maria Velez, MD/Dr. Matt Fletcher, Mentors, Not Pictured)
Project Title:  Clinical Retrospective Analysis of Survival in Children with Lymphoma in the Monoclonal Antibodies Era



Jace Landry (Rohan Walvekar, Ph.D., Mentor, Not Pictured)
Project Title:  Eker Rat Cell Line Responses to Ifns As a Model of Renal Cell Carcinoma Treatment


Stephen Lipani (Eugene Woltering, M.D., Mentor, Not Pictured)
Project Title: Valproic Acid's Effect on Notch 1 Gene Expression in Liver Tumor

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