Short Term Research Experiences in Cancer Photos

Year 2014


Brian Burket and Wanguo Liu, Ph.D. (Mentor)
Brian's Project Title: Exome Sequencing Reveals Novel Somatic Mutations Unique To
Aggressive Prostate Cancer In African Americans



James Hempe, Ph.D. Jodi Kamps, Ph.D. (Mentors), Jalesa Triggs, and Sara Coulon
Jalesa's Project Title:  Metrics of Glycemic Control and Oxidative Stress in Black
and White Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes Patients

Sara's Project Title:  Inflammatory Profiles of Black and White Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes Patients



Krzysztof Reiss, Ph.D. (Mentor) and Dustin Duracher
Project Title:  Mechanism of Acute Effects of Ethanol on IGF-1 Signaling



Amy Hui and Maria Velez, M.D. (Mentor)
Project Title:  Retrospective Analysis of Pediatric Brain Tumors with Focus on Low Grade
Glioma at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans: 1994-2013



James Landreneau and John Estrada, M.D. (Mentor, Guy Orangio, M.D., Not Pictured)
Project Title:  Surgical Site Infections in Colon Resection Patients in a Safety Net Hospital
National Standards as Compared to National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) Data



Paulo Rodriguez, Ph.D. (Mentor) and Alejandro Loyola
Project Title:  T Cell Suppression By MDSC Is Mediated By A Decreased Notch Signaling



Michael Hagensee, M.D., Ph.D. (Mentor) and Ashleigh McQuirter
Project Title:  Detection of HPV 16 and 32 from HIV+ Individuals



Don Parish and Francesca Peruzzi, Ph.D. (Mentor)
Project Title:  Mechanisms of Fenofibrate-induced MiR-3189-3p Expression in Glioblastoma



Richard Scribner, M.D. (Mentor) and Jared Robichaux
Project Title:  Socioeconomic Stagnation, Metabolic Syndrome, and Cancer Risk in the NHANES



Erica Robinson and Arnold Zea, Ph.D. (Mentor)
Project Title:  L-Arginine Supplementation Enhances NOS2 Expression in Human Renal Cell Carcinoma



Jovanny Zabaleta, Ph.D. (Mentor) and A'drianne Wells
Project Title:  Levels of miRNA-215 in Advanced Gastric Lesions of African American and
Caucasian Individuals