Investigator Accomplishments: Over the last 10 years of funding, our COBRE has supported 16 outstanding Junior Investigators who have each matriculated through the program. Together, 14 Junior Investigators received one/multiple extramural grant awards from NIH (RO1, R21, and/or RO3) and/or the American Heart Association (AHA; Grant-In-Aid and/or Scientific Development Grant) stemming from their COBRE projects (Figure 1). As outlined in Figure 1, our Junior Investigators have been awarded a total of 11 NIH RO1 grants, 5 R21 grants, 2 RO3 grants, 1 AHA Beginning Grant-In-Aid (BGIA), 5 AHA Grant-In-Aid (GIA), 3 AHA Scientist Development (SDG) grants, 1 AHA Established Investigator (EI) grant, 2 American Diabetes Association (ADA) grants, 2 LA Board of Regents (BOR) grants, and 6 Private/Foundation grants. These Junior Investigators have also been awarded 16 grants from the NIH, AHA, or other extramural funding agencies to help support their postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students (Figure 1).

The success in attaining grant funding has contributed to the academic promotion of 9 of 13 Junior Investigators who have completed the COBRE program. Together, these achievements highlight the success our COBRE program has made in helping to train young talented investigators and put them on a career path toward becoming an independent and established investigator.