Cell and Molecular Analysis Core:  The Cell and Molecular Analysis Core has been instrumental in providing COBRE and LSUHSC investigators with cell culture facilities and state-of-the-art technologies for proteomics research, the latter including 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry. The Cell and Molecular Analysis Core added services to investigators for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance imaging (EPR), HPLC, flow cytometry, RT and QT PCR, cell signaling, and radioligand binding. These facilities are open to all COBRE investigators, as well as researchers throughout the LSUHSC and other institutions. Services provided by this COBRE Cell and Molecular Analysis core are integrated under the umbrella of the LSUHSC Proteomics core. Please contact Dr. Catalin Filipeanu (COBRE Core Director) for information about services and equipment provided by the COBRE Cell and Molecular Analysis Core. For specific inquiry regarding Mass Spectrometry services please contact Dr. Arthur Haas (COBRE Core Co-Director and Director of the LSUHSC Proteomics Facility).

Imaging and Histology Core: The Imaging and Histology Core provides COBRE and other investigators with an array of state-of-the-art microscopes and imaging capabilities for research and services for histological/morphological preparation, fixation and analysis of tissues and cells. This core is equipped with a variety of Zeiss, Leica Corporation and Olympus Microscopes that provide valuable imaging amenities and applications (including laser capture microscopy, TIRF, FRET, and confocal). A recent addition to the histology component is the purchase of a 30-slide Ventana automated immunostainer. Histological services provided to LSUHSC and COBRE investigators are provided by faculty in the Department of Pathology under the Direction of Dr. Luis Marrero, Pathologist. This core provides high quality histopathology microscopic sections, staining, and histological and pathological analysis of tissue specimens. Please contact Drs. Charles Nichols (Core Director) or Luis Marrero (Core Co-Director and Director LSUHSC Morphology and Imaging Core) to request information regarding use of services and equipment provided by the COBRE Imaging and Histology Core.

Vascular and Cardiac Function Core: The Vascular and Cardiac Function Core plays a pivotal role in providing valuable services to COBRE and LSUHSC investigators for the design and development of new animal models for cardiovascular research. The services of the Core encompass: 1) ultrasound imaging in small or large animals (Toshiba Aplio and VisualSonics Vevo 770), 2) radio telemetry (DSI) measurement of blood pressure and heart rate, 3) Millar cardiac pressure-volume analysis, 4) CNS stereotaxic microinjection and microdialysis, 5) conscious or anesthetized sympathetic nerve recording, 6) tissue collection, 7) blood flow analysis, 8) plethysmography, 9) flame photometry measurement of urine/plasma sodium/potassium concentration, and 10) assessment of renal hemodynamic and excretory function performed under acute or chronic (daily) conditions. Please contact Drs. Kurt Varner (Core Director) or Eric Lazartigues (Core Co-Director) for information about developing an animal model or using services and equipment provided by this core.