Internal Advisory Committee (IAC): The IAC consists of the Program Director, Core Directors and four senior mentors, plus three additional scientists from LSU Health Sciences Center. Progress is routinely evaluated for individual investigators as well as Core Facilities.


Program Director:

Daniel R. Kapusta, Ph.D.* - Professor of Pharmacology



Core Directors:

Charles Nichols, Ph.D.  - Imaging and Histology Core


Dr. Arthur Haas, Ph.D .   - Cell and Molecular Biology Core


Kurt Varner, Ph.D.* - Vascular and Cardiac Function Core





Lisa Harrison-Bernard, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Physiology

Patricia Molina, Ph.D. - Professor and Head of Department of Physiology


Peter Winsauer, Ph.D. - Professor of Pharmacology



Former Mentors: 


William Claycomb, Ph.D.  - Professor of Biochemistry


Additional Members:

Steve Nelson, M.D. - Dean of Medical School

Wayne Backes, Ph.D. - Professor of Pharmacology and Associate Dean for Research


* denotes Mentor