Guenevere Rae, PhD

Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy

Room 6J1 (6154),1901 Perdido St, New Orleans, LA 70112


Tel: 504 568 7183

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BS Integrative Health Sciences (2000)
Stetson University


MS  (2005)
Clayton College of Natural Health


PhD (2011)
Clayton College of Natural Health


MS Health Science (2011)
Florida Gulf Coast University


PhD Clinical Anatomy (2015)
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA


Research Interests

My research activities aim at finding ways to maximize the willed body donor’s impact on medicine and medical education.  Histologic preparation is routinely performed on cadaveric tissues taken from the gross anatomy laboratory to service research and educational projects.  Major areas of focus are: pathology of the heart, lungs, kidney and liver, atherosclerosis and other forms of vascular disease, the organization of subcutaneous tissue and neurologic disorders.   

On the side of medical education research, we conduct investigations into how the willed body impacts medical students and residents.  We investigate how the “first patient” changes diagnostic patterns and behavior and clinical reasoning skills of first year medical students.  I also direct the DAR (Donor Anatomic Record) program, an integrative educational project designed to bring together the concepts of gross anatomy, histology and pathology at LSUHSC.

Teaching Activities

Medical Gross Anatomy
Medical Histology
Medical Neuroanatomy
Human Prenatal Development