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Advanced Emergency Medicine students will be exposed to several of the exciting subspecialties that our field has to offer.  Each student will participate in one session in the following disciplines.  You will be required to have your specialty shift card signed for each session.  Please see below how to arrange each session PRIOR to your scheduled date:

EMS ride-along:

Beth Clement, MD:

You may choose to participate in an EMS shift with one of our skilled paramedic crews.  To do so, you must sign a waiver located here.

Your shift will be from 6:30 am - 6:30 pm.  EMS headquarters is at 300 Calliope (please use map provided in your packet - Google Maps is incorrect).  Please report NO LATER THAN 6:15 and tell the EMS supervisor you are the EM medical student for the day.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Clement or Dr. Avegno.


Beth Clement, MD (U/S fellow):

Please email several days PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED U/S SESSION to arrange a time and place to meet.  Before the session, please review the following videos & modules on the LSU EM Ultrasound website:

FAST Tutorial
Elective Manual - review sections on Basic U/S Use, Artifacts, Orientation, as well as those on FAST, soft tissue, and AAA


Victor Tuckler, MD (Toxicologist): and (please use both)

Dr. Tuckler orients new residents to the Tox rotation on the 1st of the month (or, if the 1st is on a weekend, the first Monday of the month).  Please email Dr. Tuckler several days PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED TOX SESSION to find the place and time of your meeting.


Tracy Legros, MD PhD (Hyperbaric Fellowship Director):
Heather Murphy, MD (Hyperbaric Fellowship Associate Director):

You will participate in Hyperbaric Clincal and Grand Rounds, as well as spend time in the busy and cutting-edge Hyperbaric clinic.  Please arrive at West Jefferson Hyperbaric Unit in the 1st floor of West Jefferson Hospital (1101 Medical Center Boulevard on the West Bank, in Marrero) at 8:00 am on your assigned day.  Please ask for the Hyperbaric fellow or staff when you arrive.  You will observe hyperbaric oxygen treatments, wound care and consultations, and take part in Grand Rounds after lunch.