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Charge Resident System

One of the most defining aspects of the LSU Emergency Medicine New Orleans residency program is the Charge Resident System. While all residencies integrate some aspect of increasing responsibility as residents advance through their training, the LSU EM program formalizes this process and incorporates this philosophy as a core part of resident training.


 During each Charity Emergency Department shift, two EM residents (PGY2 and above) act as Charge Residents for the entire ED. The lower level resident (PGY 2 or 3) is directly responsible for the management of the most critically ill, for half the ED beds and for leading formal end of shift patient rounds in the ED. The upper level resident (PGY 3 or 4) is directly responsible for all patients in the ED, EMS medical control, ED bed management, triage decisions and all resuscitations. Both residents will directly supervise all interns and medical students working in the ED. Critical care procedures are split between the lower and upper level residents. Depending on shift scheduling, PGY 3s may work as either the lower level or upper level charge resident. No two PGY 2s are ever assigned on the same shift.

This formal breakdown of ED management roles ensures that residents are challenged with increasing levels of responsibilities as their training progresses. The Charge Resident system ensures that residents are involved in all medical management decisions regarding patient care and are challenged by the breadth and volume of the ED's caseload. The Charge Resident system is unique amongst EM programs across the nation and serves not only to develop EM physicians capable of managing large EDs with multiple critically ill patients, but also fosters excellence in leadership and professionalism.

Trauma Resuscitations

Emergency Medicine and Trauma Surgery work in partnership during all major trauma resuscitations. Charge level Emergency Medicine residents are head-of-the-bed for all trauma resuscitations presenting to University Hospital. All trauma airways are performed by Charge level EM residents. All other critical care trauma resuscitation procedures alternate between EM on even days of the month and Trauma Surgery on odd days of the month. An EM intern is typically on the Trauma Surgery team.

The Medical Center of Louisiana - LSU Health Sciences Center University Hospital is the sole Level 1 Trauma Center for Southern Louisiana. Charity/University Hospital accepts all major trauma cases from the field meeting Trauma Center criteria within Region 1 (Orleans parish and a number of surrounding parishes). Charity/University Hospital also accepts trauma transfers from hospitals outside of Region 1. This policy ensures that residents are exposed to a wide breadth of critical trauma cases from across the state.