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Emergency Medicine is a broad discipline that encompasses many aspects of all other medical specialties.  In a brief clerkship, it would be impossible to learn all there is to know about EM - this requires a lifetime of study.  However, there are several core concepts in EM that can be easily understood, studied, and practice while on a rotation. 

The Advanced EM Elective is designed for the senior student who has decided on a career in EM and wishes to obtain more in-depth knowledge of the field.  On this rotation, students participate in clinical ED shifts in a variety of patient care areas, as well as dedicated shifts in Toxicology, Ultrasound, and Hyperbaric Medicine.  Faculty lectures and hands-on skills and simulation labs provide students with the ability to increase their knowledge base and procedural acumen.   

To enhance your clinical experience, we have selected several core topics in Emergency Medicine and the most seminal articles, relevant book chapters, up-to-date lectures, and/or interactive sites for each.  Use these "pods" of information to enhance your patient management while on shift; to learn best practices in the modern practice of EM; and to prepare for the student didactic lectures and labs.  They should be seen as a complement to your overall learning, and just the beginning for exploring the fascinating experience of managing acutely ill, undifferentiated patients.

The CDEM (Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine) website has several self-study modules and detailed cases all targeted to student learning of core EM concepts and are included in the pods.  They are quick reads and will greatly enhance your approach to patients with these common complaints.


 *The articles marked with an asterisk are those from which the end of rotation exam is derived, and should be thought of as a starting point for your learning on this topic.