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Paul G. Harch, MD

Clinical Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Director, LSUHSC/Medical Center of Louisiana Hyperbaric Medicine Department

2021 Perdido Street
5th Floor Room 535W
New Orleans, La. 70112
Phone   504-903-3594
Fax       504-903-4569



John Hopkins University School of Medicine

Research Interests

Neurological Injuries
Neurological Imaging
Traumatic Brain Injury
Diving Education
Cerebral Vascular Accidents
Hyperbaric Medicine

Selected Publications

Harch, P.G.  Department of Defense Trials for Hyperbaric Oxygen and TBI:  Issues of Study Design and Questionable Conclusions.  Undersea Hyper Med 2013;40(5):469-70.

Harch, PG, Andrews, SA, Fogarty, EF, Amen, DA, et al., 2011.  A Phase I Study of Low Pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Blast-Induced Post Concussion Syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Journal of Neurotrauma, Epub ahead of print, 11/22/2011:  2012, 29(1):168-185.

Harch, Paul. The Oxygen Revolution, Hatherleigh Press, New York, 2007.

Harch, PG. Medicine That Overlooks the Evidence. Arch Phys Rehabil. 2006 Apr; 87 (4): 592-3.

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