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Heather Murphy-Lavoie, MD, UHM, FACEP, FAAEM

Associate Professor, Section of Emergency Medicine
Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Tulane Medical Center
Associate Program Director, LSU Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship
Assistant Residency Director, LSU Emergency Medicine Residency
Attending Hyperbaric Medicine Physician, West Jefferson Medical Center

2021 Perdido Street
5th Floor Room 535W
New Orleans, La. 70112
Phone   504-903-3594
Fax       504-903-4569


MD - 1996
Tulane University School of Medicine

Research Interests

Ocular Emergencies
Dermatological Emergencies
Hyperbaric Medicine
Emergency Medicine Resident Education
Use of Emergency Ultrasound

Selected Publications

Murphy-Lavoie, H., Butler, F.K., and Hagan, C.  “Central Retinal Artery Occlusion.”  In:  Hyperbaric Oxygen:  Indications and Results – The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Committee Report.  Dunkirk, France, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, 2009.

Murphy-Lavoie H, Van Meter K. Diabetic Foot Ulcers. In: Infectious Diseases: Emergency Department Diagnosis and Management. 1st Edition, Slaven E, Stone s, Lopez F. McGraw-Hill, 2007.

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Murphy-Lavoie, H, LeGros, T. Emergent Diagnosis Of The Unknown Rash, The Algorithmic Approach. Emergency Medicine Magazine, March 2010.

Van Meter, K., Sheps, S., Kriedt, F., Moises, J., Barratt, D., Murphy-Lavoie, H., Harch, P.G., and Bazan, N.  “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Return of Spontaneous Circulation After Prolonged Normothermic Porcine Cardiopulmonary Arrest.” Resuscitation. 2008.

Butler, F.K., Hagan, C., and Murphy-Lavoie, H.  “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the Eye.”  Undersea Hyper Med.  2008. Sep-Oct;35(5):333-8

Van Meter, K.W., Xiao, F., Moises J., Barratt, D., Harch, P., Murphy-Lavoie, H., and Bazan, N.  “No Difference in Leukocyte Adherence in the Microvasculature in a Porcine Cerebral Cortex by Use of Normobaric Oxygen or Low or High Dose Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) in Resuscitation after a Prolonged 25 Minute Cardiopulmonary Arrest.”  Ann of Em Med, 2001.

Li, J., Murphy-Lavoie, H., Bugas, C., Martinez, J., Preston, C.  “Complicationsof Emergency Intubation With and Without Paralysis.”  Am J Emerg Med 1999; 17:  141 – 144. (reviewed in Journal Watch for Emergency Medicine and Anesthesia File and listed in Anesthesia Yearbook)

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Madatic T, Barratt D, Murphy-Lavoie H. LeGros TL, Harch P, and K Van Meter. Occult Neurological Injury in a Professional Commercial Diver: The Difficulty in Diagnosing and Treating Type II Decompression Sickness of the Spinal Caord. Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society Annual Research Forum, Las Vegas, Nevada (June 2005)

Murphy-Lavoie H, Harch P, Van Meter, K. Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Central Retinal Artery Occlusion, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society Scientific Assembly, Australia, June, 2004.