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Tracy LeGros, MD, PhD
Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship Director
LSUHSC Emergency Medicine
2020 Gravier Street, 7th Floor
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 903-3594

Senior Rotation in Hyperbaric Medicine

Elective Application Instructions and Form

Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship Page

Goals & Objectives: 

At the completion of the Hyperbaric Medicine Rotation (1 month), the student will be able to: 

1) Perform a basic assessment of patients with a variety of wounds and / or medical conditions amenable to hyperbaric medical therapy. 

2) Formulate a plan for wound care treatment, inclusive of vascular assessment, possible bacterial complications, nutritional assessment, off-loading assessment, and co-morbid conditions 

3) Order and interpret appropriate diagnostic laboratory and imaging studies for wound care and hyperbaric medicine patients. 

4) Understand the inter-dependence of hyperbaric medicine with emergency medicine, orthopedics, internal medicine, podiatry, physical therapy, plastic surgery, general surgery, trauma surgery, infectious disease, and other services. 

5) Competently perform minor procedures such as suture removal, evaluation of partially treated abscesses, callus removal, ultrasonic wound debridement, debridement of problematic foot wounds, ankle-brachial indices, etc. 

6) Acquire the ability for perform an appropriate history and physical exam of a wound care patient as well as those being considered for hyperbaric medicine therapy. 

7) Be able to arrange appropriate follow – up for discharged patients and those continuing in our care but in need of ancillary services.


Orientation will occur on the first day of the month at the Lord and Taylor Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic (1450 Poydras Street). Please report at 7 am and ask for the Hyperbaric Medicine Attending.  

Schedule:  You will work Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, from 7 am – 5 pm at the Lord and Taylor Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic. Wednesdays will be spent at the clinic as well ( 7 am – 10 am), followed by Hyperbaric Medicine Grand Rounds (10 am – 4 pm).

Responsibilities:  You aid the Hyperbaric Attending and the Hyperbaric Medicine Fellow see wound care and hyperbaric medicine patients. You will manage individual patients and assist others as the need arises.  

Follow-Ups:  You will attend Grand Rounds to follow the progression of all patients in our multi-specialty approach in the treatment of hyperbaric medicine patients. You will interact with Orthopedics, General Surgery, Infectious Disease, Plastic Surgery, Podiatry, Physical Therapy Services, and any other services that are required for the comprehensive care of your patients. 

Conferences:  You are required to attend Hyperbaric Grand Rounds on Wednesday. These rounds consists of 3 hours of formal didactic lectures, a journal article review during lunch, followed by 2 hours of patient grand rounds (power point format).  

Procedures:  You are required to document your procedures performed during the month. 

Supervision:  You will be supervised at all times, by the Hyperbaric Medicine Attending and the Hyperbaric Medicine Fellow. The hyperbaric chamber technicians, nurses, and nursing supervisor are also at your service to help you and guide you as need. 

Evaluations:  At the end of the month, you will meet with the Hyperbaric Staff and Fellows. They will grade your performance and seek your feedback about your experience during the month. 

Resources:  There is an extensive, private (Dr. Keith Van Meter) hyperbaric medicine library available to all rotating students. Additionally, computer access, Up To Date, LSU library services, and multiple hyperbaric medicine texts (included in the clinic) are available. 

Duty Hours : will not exceed 60 hours / week and will include at least one day off in seven days. 

Formal Evaluations : will be filled out by the faculty and staff and submitted to you via Residency Partner.