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Efficacy of intra-nasal Ketorolac (SPRIX) for PAIN

Enrolling minor acute fractures, sprains/strains of muscles or joints, gout, dysmenorrhea


1. Patient will be discharged from ED;

2. Fracture will not require surgical repair (even if at a later date);

3. No history of chronic pain syndrome;

4. Not routinely taking NSAID or opioid;

5. No history of drug-seeking behavior or noncompliance;

6. No nasal abnormality that could affect the absorption

Patient is eligible if YOU CHOOSE one of the following managements:

-Rx Sprix only

-Sprix with a rescue prn opioid,

-Opioid only

Patient receives a $20 gift card

$100 check to the resident who refers the most patients each month (3 or more to be considered).

Contact Benny Lee on cell, by email, or phone research office.

Questions about study: Benny, Dr. Ary, Dr. Moreno




To examine the relationship between blood pressure and ACE2 levels in CSF

Enrolling any non-prisoner patients age>=18 who are undergoing a lumbar puncture as part of a NORMAL course of diagnostic plan.

When doing LP, save aside Tube #3. If you need Tube #3 for diagnostic testing, please obtain 1-2 ml extra CSF and transfer it to the sterile tube in the study envelope. Study envelopes with full instructions are located in the MER physicians’ station in a drawer labeled ACE2 STUDY. No additional risk to the patient. Consent is not required.

When a sample is drawn or if you have any questions please call Benjamin Lee at 504-903-3997 during business hours or email for nights/wknds at


Questions: Benny, Dr. Moreno, Dr. Eric Lazartigues, Dr. Joe Kanter




Measure the cost effectiveness of ED ECHO in stratifying syncope patients to admission vs. discharge.

Enrolling any non-prisoner patients over the age of 18 years presenting to the ED with non-traumatic syncope/ near-syncope not determined to be vaso-vagal.

During business hours, order an ECHO from the ED and call Benjamin Lee. In the evening and on weekends, obtain study envelope located in the MER physicians’ station in a drawer labeled SYNCOPE STUDY. Put label on the form and email Benjamin Lee, Dr. Moreno or Dr. Marney Gruber.

Questions: Benny, Dr. Paul Lelorier, Dr. Gruber, Dr. Robby Drennan, Dr. Moreno


Benjamin Lee 504-903-3997 during business hours or





Studies Currently Approved/In Progress


Translational Studies on the Consequences of Alcohol Intoxication on Outcome from Traumatic Injury, IRB #7231 


Studying the correlation between blood alcohol level and cytokine production in response to the stress of traumatic injury.  (Not actively enrolling)


Residents: John Engle MD

Fellow: Patrick Greiffenstein MD (Surgery)

Student:Jesse Sultzer

Faculty: Patricia E. Molina MD, PhD (Physiology)

PI: Lisa Moreno-Walton MD, MSCR




Investigating the Incidence of Penetrating Trauma and Trauma Recidivism Following Hurricane Katrina, IRB #7663


To identify predictable trends of interpersonal violence and recidivism pre and post disaster to subsequently be used in high-risk communities to intervene proactively w/ victims and perpetrators of trauma.


PART I: Incidence


Fellow:Shawn D’Andrea MD

Resident:Anna Mc Farlin, MD

Faculty: Jennifer Avegno MD ,

PI: Lisa Moreno-Walton MD, MSCR

Demographer: Allison Plyer

Students: Neema Patel, James Brown, Ryan Julien, Whit Rutledge

Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee MPH



PART II: Recidivism


PI: Lisa Moreno-Walton MD

Faculty:Jennifer Avegno, MD

Students: Kathryn Jackson, Neema Patel

       Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee MPH





Evaluation of a Difficult Airway Assessment on Emergency Department Intubation Success, IRB #7730


This research studies the effect of educational intervention on the number of intubation attempts, time to successful intubation, faculty involvement in the procedure, and use of adjunct devices.



PI:Jennifer Avegno MD

Resident: John Engle MD

Statistician: Leann Myers PhD (Tulane)

Faculty:L. Moreno-Walton, MD, MSCR

Students: Lance Roberts



Evaluation of Resident Wellness in United States Emergency Medicine Training Programs, IRB #7654


Survey information from residents in certified Emergency Medicine programs in the United States in order to determine how residents feel about their own wellness.



PI: Dr. Moreno-Walton

Faculty:Gaby Buller, MD

Residents: Andrew Nakamoto MD, John Engle MD



A Single-site Survey Investigating Patient Satisfaction of Care Provided by Emergency Medicine Residents before and after Didactic Training in Professionalism, IRB #7803


Survey information on whether patient satisfaction with care provided by emergency medicine (EM) residents in the ED improves when residents have had didactic training in professionalism. (Not currently enrolling)



PI:Andrew Pizza MD (Former Resident)

Faculty:Julie Slick MD; Dr. Moreno-Walton



ACE2 Activity Levels in Human Cerebrospinal Fluid, IRB #7832


Central ACE2 is hypothesized to be critical to normal regulation of blood pressure and serum levels are altered in hypertension. Prospective study determining correlation between systemic blood pressure and CSF levels of ACE2.



Resident: Joe Kanter MD,

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Huijing Xia PhD (Pharmacology)

PI: Eric Lazartigues PhD (Pharmacology)

SI: Dr. Lisa Moreno-Walton



A survey investigation of the reasons for a lack of on-call availability for plastic surgeons in Louisiana, IRB #7522


Survey identifies the reasons behind the lack of on-call availability of plastic surgeons.


Students: Timur Alptunaer, Stephen Kaiser,

PI: Dr. Moreno-Walton



Do Parent’s Know how to Perform CPR on their Infants or Children? IRB #7765


Survey on parental knowledge of infant and pediatric CPR.


PI: Dr. Moreno-Walton

SI: Dr. Rebecca Hutchings (Ochsner), Dr. Christina Zeretzke (Our Lady of the Lake), Dr. Julia Abu-Asbeh (Al Rachba Hospital, United Arab Emirates), Dr. Mike Epter (University of Nevada), Dr. Phyllis Hendry (University of Florida- Jacksonville), Dr. Roderick Babakhanlou (St. Mary’s Hospital- Isle of Wight, UK- IRB pending)

Student: Crystal Leach (student PI), Imran Farqui

Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee MPH


Social Factors which Predict Penetrating Trauma: Has Anything Changed in the Past Twenty Years? IRB #7768


Retrospective study where we examine factors such as race, area code, income levels and how they contribute/predict penetrating trauma in NO.


Students: Rashad Johnson, Elizabeth Fruge, Brenna Bussart,

PI: Dr. Moreno-Walton

Resident: Kelly Johnson MD

Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee MPH


Project Professionalism


Multimedia project in collaboration with the Central City and Treme community developing videos to teach professionalism in difficult healthcare communicaitons. Funded by a grant from the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors.


PI:Julie Slick, MD (Director)

Grant recipient:Lisa Moreno-Walton MD

Producers:Don Bartholomew, Dr. Moreno-Walton

Residents:  Drs. Erin McVey, Bruce Hurley, Erin Cunningham,    Casey Hastings, Ann Barnett, Siavash Sarlati, Richard Cruz, Michael Barton, Laura Kistler

Community Actors:  Ilsa Leon, Christopher Magee, Yuri Jones, Andrea Sabillon, Anaya Matthew, Gwen Wright, Don Bartholomew Jr., India Bartholomew, Alia Fleury, Elias J. Bullock, Rodney Davis, Edna Powell, Vegas Cola, Darrell Leboud, Irene Lebeud, Nicole Landry

Cameraman:  Kirk “Jay” Edwards

Staff:  Kendrick Sparks, MD and Benjamin I. Lee, MPH



Cardiac Stress Test Study #8015


Retrospective chart review assessing the correlation between ED of patients to outpatient stress, ED observation status, or admission and percent of positive stress tests; considers whether these triage decisions are both cost effective and safe for patients presenting with chest pain.


             Students: Nicholas Otts, Ryan Julien

             PI: Lisa Moreno-Walton MD

             Consultant:  Dr. M. Ali (Cardiology)

             Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee MPH




Syncope Study #7999


Prospective cohort that aims to measure effectiveness of identifying patients presenting with syncope at risk for short term serious outcomes using the POSIE CDR compared to current standard of care.


Resident: Marny Gruber MD,

Fellow: Robbie Drennan MD (Cardiology),

Faculty: Paul LeLorier MD (Cardiology)

PI: Lisa Moreno-Walton MD, MSCR

Students: Audrey Billeaud

Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee MPH



HIV Early Diagnosis – Viral Syndrome Study  #8004

A Retrospective study examining the limitations of third generation HIV antibody screenings that utilize Oraquick. Is there a need for fourth generation Acute HIV screening in the ED?


Resident: Erin Simmers MD,

PI: Lisa Moreno-Walton MD, MSCR

Pre- med Student: Chante Jones (Xavier University)

Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee MPH


AMPED Study #8046


Acute management of pain in the ED. We strive to characterize clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction with three outpatient treatment regimens (intra-nasal Ketorolac, IN Ketorolac with rescue narcotics, narcotics alone) of specific acute pain syndromes.


PI: Charles Pollack MD (University of Pennsylvania)

SI:Lisa Moreno-Walton MD, MSCR

Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee, MPH

Students: Audrey Billeaud



MERC Study #8000


Investigates a new way to deliver relevant clinical information to residents and medical students. How well does texting/tweets work?


PI: Cris Mandry MD (Earl K. Long Medical Center)

SI: Lisa Moreno-Walton MD

Faculty:  Jennifer Avegno MD

Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee MPH




Barriers to ED Follow Up Study 


What are the barriers for patients fulfilling their follow up appointments? This survey study will investigate these unknown barriers. (pending IRB approval)


Students: Michael Petrauskis, Samantha Parker, Sam Langberg, Joshua Ward

PI:Dr. Moreno-Walton

Pre-med student:Kathryn Jackson


LGBT Study


A survey study assessing the current curriculum content on LGBT emergencies in US EM residencies and the perception of the need for LGBT awareness and barriers to teaching this content.   


PI: Joel Moll MD (Emory University)

Faculty: Dr. Moreno-Walton, Sheryl Heron MD (Emory University), Paul Kreiger MD(Albert Einstein- Beth Israel Medical Center)

Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee MPH




Evaluation of Student Wellness in United States Medical Schools


A survey study of self-assessment of medical student wellness. (pending IRB approval)


             Students- Charles Murphy, Sam Langberg (T4), Julia Terle (T2), Joshua Ward (T4)

             PI: Lisa Moreno-Walton MD

             Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee MPH




IM dexamethasone vs. 5 days of oral prednisione in the treatment of asthma.


Study that aims to compare two different therapies in the treatment of patients that present with asthma in the ED. (Protocol in development)


PI: Dr. Lisa Moreno-Walton

Resident: Rachel Shard MD,

Epidemiologist: Benjamin Lee MPH,

Students: Randy Sorge, Caitlyn Schelinger





Ongoing Faculty Projects