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Program Director

Anna McFarlin, MD
Department of Pediatrics
Section of Emergency Medicine

Program Coordinator

Ryan Bidlack
Department of Pediatrics
(504) 896-2891

Categorical Residency Program Directors 

Chelsey Sandlin, MD
Department of Pediatrics
(504) 896-3924

Matthew C. Carlisle, MD
Section of Emergency Medicine

Residency Coordinators

Kelly Allerton
Department of Pediatrics
(504) 896-9800

Kathy Whittington-Flot
Section of Emergency Medicine
(504) 702-2287


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Combined Emergency Medicine & Pediatrics Residency Program

The Combined Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Program at LSU is an exceptional program offering the enthusiastic a challenging yet rewarding training experience.  While this program is only a few years old, it draws its strength and stability from the storied history of its two excellent parent programs – Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at LSU.  It is our goal that our residents feel truly at home in both the Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine programs.

Our residents have the opportunity to participate in the care of an extremely wide range of patients, adults and pediatrics, in a wide variety of clinical settings.  This provides our residents with a strong foundation for a successful career in private practice or academic medicine, in general pediatrics, emergency medicine, or pediatric emergency medicine.

Our program is unique and one of only four programs in the country. Our program features a five year pathway to dual board certification in both Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine. Combined residents will function as a member of both the Pediatric and EM programs during all rotations. All pediatric rotations performed at the stand-alone Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. The primary teaching hospital for general emergency medicine rotations is the new University Medical Center which opened August 2015.

Combined Specialty Programs are recognized by two or more separate specialty boards to provide GME in a particular combined specialty. Each combined specialty program is made up of two or three programs, accredited separately by the ACGME at the same institution. Graduates from the combined Peds-EM residency will be eligible to sit for both the Pediatric and Emergency Medicine boards and are also eligible to apply to ACGME accredited fellowships that require training in an ACGME accredited pediatric or emergency medicine residency.

Traditionally, graduates of these combined residencies practice pediatric emergency medicine.  However, training in this program would prepare graduates to pursue a fellowship sponsored by either speciality (international medicine and pediatric critical care being two particularly good examples), to practice a combination of emergency medicine and general pediatrics, or to work in the community emergency department serving as the “peds person.”

We will be taking applications through ERAS and participating in the upcoming interview and match season. Applicants may apply to the combined program in addition to applying to either, neither or both the EM and Pediatric categorical programs at LSU.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or to arrange a possible visit or away rotation

Click HERE for our 4-week EM/Peds rotations through VSAS


Sample 5-year Schedule/Curriculum:


Pediatric ED at Children’s 2 mo

Behavioral/Development Pediatrics 1 mo

Inpatient General Pediatrics 2 mo

Night Float 0.5 mo

Newborn Nursery 0.5 mo




Orientation 2 wks

ED at University 8 wks

Community ED 6 wks

Pediatric ED 4 wks

Medical ICU 4 wks

Obstetrics 2 wks




Pediatric ED at Children's 1 mo

Inpatient Pediatrics (Heme-Onc) 1 mo

Pediatric Subspecialty (Endocrine) 1 mo

Pediatric ICU 1 mo

Pediatric Subspecialty (Renal) 1 mo

Adolescent Pediatrics 1 mo

ED at University 12 wks

EMS 2 wks

Community ED 6 wks

Pediatric ED 2 wks

Trauma ICU 4 wks


Neonatal ICU 1 mo

Night Float 1 mo (split)

CARE team 1 mo

Pediatric Subspecialty (GI) 1 mo

Pediatric ED at Children’s 1 mo

Inpatient Pediatrics (Heme-Onc) 1 mo

Medical ICU 4 wks

ED at University 12 wks

Community ED 8 wks

Toxicology 2 wks


Pediatric Subspecialty (Cardiology) 1 mo

Inpatient General Pediatrics 1 mo

Pediatric Subspecialty (Neurology) 1 mo

Neonatal ICU 1 mo

Pediatric ED at Children’s 1.5 mo

Pediatric IEU (individualized education unit) 0.5 mo

ED at University 12 wks

Community ED 8 wks

Subspecialty @ VA 4 wks

Elective 2 wks


Pediatric IEU (individualized education unit) 1 mo

Pediatric ICU 1 mo

Inpatient General Pediatrics 1 mo

Pediatric ED at Children’s 1.5 mo

Pediatric Advocacy 1 mo

Night float .5 mo

Our Lady of the Lake Pediatric ED 4 wks

ED at University or community 18 wks

Elective 4 wks


  • PGY 1 will have total 3 weeks vacation per year; PGY 2-5 will have total 4 weeks vacation per year
  • Community ED rotations may include VA, Lallie Kemp, West Jefferson, Slidell, Ochsner
  • Residents will have ½ per week general pediatrics continuity clinic while rotating on pediatrics

There are a vast array of possible elective/IEU experiences available.  Suggested rotations include additional pediatric ICU time, Peds infectious disease, a surgical subspecialty combination elective (ENT/dental), diabetes camp, peds surgery, peds orthopedics.

** The intern year will be spent with 6 continuous months of pediatrics and emergency medicine each.  Subsequent years will switch between pediatrics and emergency medicine every 3 months.

Additional Educational Opportunities:

While rotating with each department, the resident will attend that particular department’s conferences.  In addition, we will be holding a Pediatric Emergency Medicine journal club one evening a month.  The purpose of this is to discuss specific Pediatric Emergency Medicine topics including but not limited to Peds-EM journal articles, AAP/ACEP policy statements, career development, residency forum.  This event is typically held at the home of one of our residents or faculty and involves great New Orleans food and drink!

Meet our Residents:

Class of 2019:

Lui Caleon, MD
Tulane University 

Andrej Pogribny, MD
Tulane University

Class of 2020:

Cullen Clark, MD
University of Louisville

Nicholas Sausen, MD
University of Minnesota

Class of 2022:

Mike Tseng, MD
St. Georges University

Meredith Tremblay, MD
University of Texas, Houston

Class of 2023:

Natalia Popenko, MD
Chicago Medical School

2015 11:06:42 PM

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Journal Club

2015 11:08:43 PM

Our First Match Day! 
Pediatrics Program Director Bonnie Desselle and EM-Peds Program Director Anna McFarlin


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