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Simulation Lab Center


EMIG Procedure Manual



The residency is required to make a statement about each resident's competency in certain procedures. 

  • Please remember to document all procedures, including simulation and cadaver labs in New Innovations  
  • You are required to submit, at minimum, documentation that you have completed the ACGME targets before you graduate.  
  • We have provided yearly targets to help you stay on track. 
  • In addition, you are required to achieve a number satisfactory evaluations of some procedures, to be kept in your portfolio.  The number of required "satisfactory" evaluations are listed on the table below.  
  • Remember: most patients that are transfered to the MICU/PICU/TICU have been resuscitated.

Online Texts must be accessed via the Intranet!!

  Procedure with link to reading

ACGMEMedical Target

 Annual target Evaluation Form  

Required Satisfactory

Adult medical resuscitation 45 15  Adult Medical 4
Adult trauma resuscitation 35 10  Adult Trauma 4
Cardiac pacing 5 2  Gen Proc 1
Central venous access  20 5  Central Line 2
Chest tubes  Video 10 3  Chest Tube 2
Procedural sedation 15 4  Sedation 2
Cricothyrotomy  Video 3 1  Gen Proc 1
Dislocation reduction 10 3  Gen Proc 2

Intubations video 

35 10 Intubation  4

Lumbar Puncture Video

15 4 LP 2
Pediatric medical resuscitation 15 4  Peds Medical 2
Pediatric trauma resuscitation 10 3  Peds Trauma 2
Pericardiocentesis 3 1  Gen Proc 1
Vaginal delivery 10 3 Gen Proc 1
FAST/Trauma Video 25 7 FAST 3
Renal 25 7 Renal 3
AAA Video 25 7 AAA 3
Cardiac Video 25 7 Cardiac 3
Transabdominal Pelvic  25 7 Pelvic TA 3
Transvaginal Pelvic Video 25 7 Pelvic TV 3

 CORD TESTS on Procedural Competency: required prior to completion of PGY1 year. All upper level residents must complete by December 31st 2009.  These will count toward your home study modules/asynchronous learning.

LP Video   Lumbar Puncture Test 

ETtube Video Video2  Intubation Test 

Conscious Sedation Test

Chest Tube Video  Chest Tube Test

Central Line Test


Other useful videos

Flexible Fiberoptic Intubation

Digital Intubation

FastTrach Intubation

Crycothyrotomy open & percutaneous

Vascular Access-ultrasound guided