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 "Being from the New Orleans area, Charity (now University) Hospital has always been an icon of where you want to be taken when you are sick.  Our EM program was established in 1973 and has led the way in health care ever since.  Our residents and faculty were the individuals who took care of emergencies stemming from local tragedies like the Howard Johnson Sniper incident of the 1970s, the Bright Field riverboat crash and Mother's Day bus crash of the 1990s, and most recently, Hurricane Katrina - not to mention all the everyday emergencies that aren't publicized that roll through our ED. Our colleagues and residents represent unwavering courage. Certainly we have always been committed to New Orleans, LSU, and anyone who is in need of medical care. I believe no one has been more devoted to pushing its residency to be the absolute best.  We can hang our stethoscopes on these principles. We are dedicated to Excellence, Commitment, & Courage."

Dr. Mark Rice, Chief Resident Class of 2010


Welcome to our Incoming Class!

2015 6:11:46 PM

2015 6:12:10 PM

Emergency Medicine Residents

Class of 2018  

Colin Devlin, Tulane University 

Bridgette Egan, LSU New Orleans 

Lauren Harrell, University of Colorado 

Ike Iacono, Case Western University 

Anoop Kar, Tulane University 

Josh Lim, University of Alabama- Birmingham 

Aisha Parker, UTMB

Sonia Replansky, SUNY Upstate 

Thomas Seibert, University of Colorado  

Charles Zhang, Tulane University 


Class of 2017                                          

LeTonna Bradford, Univ. of Chicago          

Brenna Bussart Ramos, LSU New Orleans       

Elizabeth Fruge, LSU New Orleans      

Eric Greenberg, Mount Sinai School of Medicine              

Ryan Julien, LSU New Orleans     

Jill Kitaura, Georgetown Univeristy                                                                  

Nicholas Lewing, Tulane University 

Meghan Maslanka, Drexel University College of Medicine              

Margy Nevirivy, University of Colorado

Anthony Sciascia, Medical College of Wisconsin

Joshua Sherman, LSU New Orleans

Talia Walker, Weill Cornell Medical College 


Class of 2016

Michael Barton, LSU New Orleans

Thomas Crouch, University of NC at Chapel Hill

Richard Cruz, Weill Cornell Medical College 

Joseph Fraiman, Weill Cornell Medical College

Casey Hastings, University of Washington

Jennifer Hissett, University of Colorado

Brett Kathmann, LSU New Orleans

Laura Kistler, University of Toledo

Rebecca Link, Tulane University 

Dywanda Lewis, LSU New Orleans  

George Miller, Medical College of Georgia

Aton Osbourne, SUNY Downstate 

Leslie Palmerlee, University of New Mexico  


Class of 2015

Talbot Bowen, University of Sydney

John Engle, Tulane Univeristy 

Adriana Goldberg, University of Virginia 

Bruce Hurley, Temple Univeristy 

Kelly Johnson, LSU New Orleans

John Krieg, LSU New Orleans

Heath Nugent, LSU New Orleans

Michael O'Neal, USC Keck School of Medicine 

Lydia Richards,  Baylor College of Medicine 

Shae Sauncy, University of Texas Southwestern 

Siavash Sarlati, University of Wisconsin

Erin Simmers, University of NC at Chapel Hill

Stephanie Taunton, LSU New Orleans


Internal Medicine - Emergency Medicine Residents

IM/EM, Class of 2019 

Simon Shamass, SUNY Downstate

Vinh Tonthat

IM/EM, Class of 2018 

Lauren Nunez, LSU New Orleans 

Laura Roan, LSU New Orleans 

IM/EM, Class of 2017 

Ahmad Mustapha 

IM/EM, Class of 2016

Camille Doan

IM/EM, Class of 2015 

Emily Nix, LSU Shreveport 


Emergency Medicine - Pediatrics Residents

EM/Peds, Class of 2019 

Lui Caleon, Tulane University 

Andrej Pogribny, Tulane University