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Jennifer Avegno, MD
Director of Undergraduate Education
Associate Residency Director
LSU Emergency Medicine
1542 Tulane Ave
Room 459 Box T4 M2
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 903-3594 (office)
(504) 301-5058 (cell)

Shanel Sede
Clerkship Coordinator
(504) 903-3594
Fax: (504) 903-4569

Kathy L. Whittington
Residency Coordinator
(504) 903-3594
Fax: (504) 903-4569

Gaby Buller, MD
Clinical Planning Elective Coordinator

Beth Clement, MD
Simulation and Procedure Lab Student Coordinator

EM Clerkship Curriculum



Welcome to the Award-Winning LSU & Tulane New Orleans Emergency Medicine Student Clerkship!  

We are pleased to offer a variety of EM student experiences.  Through our affiliation with both Tulane and LSU Medical schools, as well as our visiting student rotation, we are proud to be one of the largest clerkships in the country.  We offer unique and fully hands-on exposure to acute emergent and urgent care, multiple opportunities for formal and informal teaching, simulator and procedural labs and experience, and unparalleled patient exposure. As a residency and student clerkship, we are committed to serving and interacting with a diverse patient and medical staff population.

LSU senior students rotate through the innovative, multi-modality Critical Concepts clerkship.  This unique rotation is designed to prepare students to manage acutely ill, undifferentiated patients regardless of their specialty choice, and to prepare them for their upcoming role as health care team leaders.

Tulane students in their third or fourth year participate in our Core Emergency Medicine rotation, with exposures to a wide variety of EM experiences and patients in an autonomous, teaching-focused setting.

For local and visiting senior students who have decided on a career in EM, we offer an Advanced EM Elective where they rotate through all patient care areas of our ED, as well as dedicated shifts in ultrasound, hyperbarics, and toxicology.


About Us 

Historically, our Emergency Department has been one of the busiest in the country, offering care to 90,000+ patients annually for many decades. During the 275-year history of our institution, we have provided care in many physical settings and locations - traditional facilities, military MASH units, and floating hospital ships to name a few. Our new state of the art ED opened in 2007 and has been going strong ever since. Currently, we see an amazing breadth and depth of patient presentations in approximately 60 beds. Our expanded space allows us ample room to run major trauma and medical resuscitations simultaneously, while continuing our famous "charge system" of ED management that attracts residents and students from around the country. We serve as the Level I Trauma facility for a nine-parish (county) region and are known worldwide for our unique and coordinated Emergency Medicine-centered approach to trauma care. 


Our distinctive environment and close partnerships with LSU and Tulane medical schools offer students an opportunity to interact with others from various training institutions and develop clinical skills and medical decision-making strategies in Emergency Medicine. Under the direct supervision and guidance of board certified Emergency Medicine faculty, students will learn basic skills in Emergency Medicine and its relationship to all disciplines of medicine. Our faculty and residents are enthusiastic about teaching and have done so in an award-winning fashion. The vast pathology encountered daily in our patients coupled with the autonomy offered during our rotation makes for a highly enjoyable educational experience.  Furthermore, our experiences over the past few years have given us training and insight into disaster medicine and health care infrastructure unmatched anywhere else in the country.


With our clerkships, we hope to broaden students' experience beyond the typical Emergency Medicine rotation and to disseminate understanding and knowledge of critically important health care issues. Students participate in simulation, ultrasound and procedure labs; formal and informal lectures; and bedside and on-shift teaching in addition to their experience in our busy urban Emergency Department. Rotations are offered 12 months a year. We welcome you to spend a month with us as a senior medical student and experience excellence and dedication in Emergency Medicine.  

Jennifer Avegno MD
Director of Undergraduate Education
Associate Residency Director


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