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Erich O. Richter, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Clinical Neurosurgery

Director, Residency Program

Associate Director, Epilepsy Center of Excellence

Director, Surgical Epilepsy


Erich O. Richter, M.D. is the Associate Director of the Epilepsy Center of Excellence (COE), and Director of Surgical Epilepsy. His undergraduate work was performed at the University of Florida in Electrical Engineering. He then pursued his medical school training at the Ohio State University, and returned to the University of Florida for his residency, where he received mentorship in the surgical treatment of Epilepsy under Stephen Roper, M.D. His fellowship training was at the University of Toronto under Andres Lozano, M.D., Ph.D. He held appointments at the University of Florida and Mercer Medical School before coming to LSU in January of 2008.

Dr. Richter’s current areas of research in epilepsy include improved methods of clinical data collection and possible use of internet-based protocols to improve access to care in remote areas, and a collaborative project with Dr. Alberto Musto of the LSU Neuroscience COE examining inflammatory lipid mediators of epileptogenesis in a rat kindling model as well as the application of this model to the human patient.


Culicchia Neurological Clinic
1111 Medical Center Blvd
Suite S-750
Marrero, LA 70072
Phone: (504) 340-6976
Fax:     (504) 340-8022

Academic Office
2020 Gravier Street
Room 746
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (504) 568-6123
Fax:     (504) 568-6127



MS, Clinical Investigation - 2011
Tulane University

MD - 1999
Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health

BS, Electrical Engineering - 1995
University of Florida


Undergraduate: University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Medical School: The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health
Columbus, Ohio

Surgical Internship: University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Residency: University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Fellowship: Toronto Western Hospital
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Board Certified: American Board of Neurological Surgery, 2009

Selected Publications

Juarbe, R., Olejniczak, P., Villemarette-Pittman, N.R., Mader Jr., E.C. & Richter, E.  Focal left inferior parietal and frontal premotor epileptic encephalopathy associated with right arm apraxia.  Poster presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, New Orleans, LA, October, 2012.

Villemarette-Pittman, N.R., Olejniczak, P., Richter, E., Fisch, B., Carey, M., Padin, J., Mader Jr., E.C: 18-month Postoperative Seizure Frequency Predicts Long Term Outcome after Temporal Lobectomy While Presurgical Localizing Factors Do Not., Poster to be presented at the biennial meeting of the American Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, Vancouver, Canada., 2008.

Mericle, R.A., Richter, E.O., Eskioglu, E., Watkins, C., Prokai, L., Batich, C., Santra, S: Preoperative endovascular brain mapping for intraoperative volumetric image guidance: preliminary concept and feasibility in animal models, J Neurosurg 104(4):566-73, 2006.

Davis, K.D., Taylor, K.S., Hutchison, W.D., Dostrovsky, J.O., McAndrews, M.P., Richter, E.O., Lozano, A.M: Human anterior cingulate cortex neurons encode cognitive and emotional demands,J Neurosci 14;25(37):8402-6, 2005.

Hamani, C., Richter, E.O., Andrade-Souza, Y., Hutchison, W., Saint-Cyr, J.A., Lozano, A.M: Correspondence of microelectrode mapping with magnetic resonance imaging for subthalamic nucleus procedures, Surg Neurol 63(3):249-53, 2005.

Richter, E.O., Hoque, T., Halliday, W., Lozano, A.M., Saint-Cyr, J.A: Determining the position and size of the subthalamic nucleus based on magnetic resonance imaging results in patients with advanced Parkinson disease, J Neurosurg 100(3):541-6, 2004.

Richter, E.O., Davis, K.D., Hamani, C., Hutchison, W.D., Dostrovsky, J.O., Lozano, A.M: Cingulotomy for psychiatric disease: microelectrode guidance, a callosal reference system for documenting lesion location, and clinical results, Neurosurgery 54(3):622-28, 2004.

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