Nicole R. Villemarette-Pittman, PhD

Assistant Professor - Research, LSUHSC-NO Department of Neurology
Administrative Director of Research, LSUHSC-NO Department of Neurology
Managing Editor, Journal of the Neurological Sciences
Epilepsy Fellowship Coordinator, LSUHSC-NO Department of Neurology
Clinical Coordinator, University Medical Center - New Orleans Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU)


LSUHSC-NO Department of Neurology - Research
1542 Tulane Avenue, Room 111
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (504) 568-4091
Fax:     (504) 285-8078


BS Psychology - 1998
University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

MS Applied Biopsychology - 2000
University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

PhD Applied Biopsychology - 2003
University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA


Nicole R. Villemarette-Pittman, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Research in Neurology and serves as Administrative Director of Research for the LSUHSC-NO Department of Neurology and for the LSUHSC-NO Epilepsy Center. She has helped design, fund and manage new research projects in the Department since 2003.  Dr. Villemarette-Pittman administers and supervises all drug and medical device clinical trials in the Department of Neurology.  She is the coordinator and faculty mentor for Resident/Fellow Quality Improvement Projects in the Department of Neurology.  Dr. Villemarette-Pittman teaches in the Evidence-based Medicine Lecture Series designed by the AAN, the Research Lecture Series and the Cognitive/Behavioral Lecture Series. She helps coordinate and lead discussions of Resident and Faculty Wellness and Faculty Development.


Dr. Villemarette-Pittman serves as Managing Editor for an international neurology journal, the Journal of the Neurological Sciences (JNS).  JNS promotes global neurology, best practices, clinical outcomes, and basic and translational science.


Dr. Villemarette-Pittman is the Epilepsy Fellowship Coordinator.  The Epilepsy Fellowship is a one-year, ACGME accredited program consisting of EEG training, in both adult and pediatric settings.


Dr. Villemarette-Pittman is the Clinical Coordinator for the University Medical Center - New Orleans Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU).  The EMU is an inpatient unit dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of people with epilepsy or those experiencing epileptic-like events.


Dr. Villemarette-Pittman earned her degrees at the University of New Orleans where she specialized in personality, neuropsychological and psychophysiological research in aggressive populations. Her current research interests include long-term surgical outcomes in standard epilepsy surgery, the assessment and treatment of persons experiencing psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES), and the efficacy of RNS system in persons with epilepsy.


Selected Publications

Cruz, A., Rathore, S., Ramos, A., Villemarette-Pittman, N.R. & Copeland, B.  (2018).  One-on-one Case Simulation Workshop of Neurological Emergencies for First-Year Neurology Residents. Poster presented at the 6th Annual LSU School of Medicine Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Forum.  LSU Health Sciences Center – New Orleans, New Orleans, LA **First Place Awarded

Ramos, A.B., Cruz, R.A., Villemarette-Pittman, N.R., Lovera, J.F., Olejniczak, P.W., & Mader, E.C. Jr.  (2018).  Effective Treatment of Refractory Seizures with Dexamethasone Implicates Inflammation in Drug-Resistant Seizures. Poster and Oral Presentation at American Federation of Medical Research Southern Regional Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

Varma, A., Villemarette-Pittman, N.R., Gutierrez, A. & Ehrensing, E.M.  (2016).  Exploring Cognitive Decline Vs. Motor Decline in ALS Patients.  Poster presented at 15th Annual Meeting of the Northeast Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (NEALS) Consortium, Clearwater Beach, FL.

Lovera, J. & Villemarette-Pittman, N.R. (2014).  Tumefactive lesions and increased disease activity associated with Fingolimod.  Journal of the Neurological Sciences, 344(1), 1-2.

Mader Jr., E.C., Villemarette-Pittman, N.R., Rogers, C.T., Torres-Delgado, F., Olejniczak, P.W. & England, J.D. (2014).  Unihemispheric burst suppression.  Neurology International, 6:5487, 53-55.

Peterson, B.W., Villemarette-Pittman, N.R. & Olejniczak, P.W.  Quality Improvement in Epilepsy Clinic.  Poster presented at LSU School of Medicine Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Forum.  LSU Health Sciences Center – New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, May, 2013.

Edwards, C., Lalan, S., Oganisyan, G., Baras, G. & Villemarette-Pittman, N.R.  Does Prior Aspirin Therapy Affect Stroke Severity, Morbidity or Mortality as Measured by Death and Duration of Hospitalization?  Poster presented at LSU School of Medicine Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Forum.  LSU Health Sciences Center – New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, May, 2013.

Mader Jr., E.C., El-Abassi, R., Villemarette-Pittman, N.R., Santana-Gould, L., Olejniczak, P.W. & England, J.D.  Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease with focal findings: Caveats to current diagnostic criteria.  Neurology International, 5:e1, 1-5, 2013.

Juarbe, R., Olejniczak, P., Villemarette-Pittman, N.R., Mader Jr., E.C. & Richter, E.  Focal left inferior parietal and frontal premotor epileptic encephalopathy associated with right arm apraxia.  Poster presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, New Orleans, LA, October, 2012.

Martin, T., Villemarette-Pittman, N.R., Mader Jr., E.C. & Friday, K. Risk factors for the severity of sleep apnea.  Poster presented at the Medical Student Research Day. LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans, School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA, October, 2012.

Mader Jr., E.C., Villemarette-Pittman, N.R., Kashirny, S.V., Santana-Gould, L. and Olejniczak, P.W.  Typical spike-and-wave activity in hypoxic-ischemic brain injury and its implications for classifying nonconvulsive status epilepticus.  Clinical Medical Insights: Case Reports, 5, 99-106, 2012.

Mader Jr., EC, Fisch BJ, Villemarette-Pittman NR, Olejniczak PW and Carey ME. Botulinum toxin injections for simple partial motor seizures associated with pain. Case Reports in Medicine, Epub 2012 May 31, Article ID 295251, 2012.

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Villemarette-Pittman NR, Richter E, Olejniczak P, Boudreaux B, Fisch B, Carey M and Mader Jr EC. Pet has minimal influence on the decision to perform invasive monitoring prior to temporal lobectomy. Poster presented at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Seattle, WA, December, 2008.

Villemarette-Pittman NR, Olejniczak P, Richter E, Fisch B, Carey M, Padin J and Mader Jr EC. 18-month Postoperative Seizure Frequency Predicts Long Term Outcome after Temporal Lobectomy While Presurgical Localizing Factors Do Not. Poster presented at the biennial meeting of the American Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, Vancouver, Canada, June, 2008.

Fisch B, Carey M, Villemarette-Pittman NR, Padin J, Olejniczak P, Mader Jr. EC and Sommers C. The extent of neocortical resection and outcomes in temporal lobectomy. Poster presented at the 61st annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Philadelphia, PA, December, 2007.

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