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Faculty Interests Database

Angela Amedee, PhD

School of Medicine
Microbiology, Immunology, and Parasitology / Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center of Excellence

Grant Review Committees Served on:   NIH  

Research Website:

Keywords Associated with Work AIDS
Alcohol and Drug Abuse How alcohol and drugs of abuse affect HIV disease
HIV Infection in Women
HIV Pathogenesis
HIV Transmission
Macaque Macaque models of HIV disease
Mucosal Virus shedding in mucosa
Simian immunodeficiency virus
Viral Load
Primary Research / Clinical / Teaching Interests Alcohol Use and HIV Disease Progression
HIV Infections
RNA Virus Infections
Simian immunodeficiency virus
Viral Load
Virus Diseases
Secondary Research / Clinical / Teaching Interests HIV infection in Pregnant Women
Mother to Infant Transmission of HIV
Unique Equipment Used Droplet Digital PCR
Unique Techniques Used or Developed Quantitative RT-PCR
Last Updated: 10/26/2018