Meet the Residents of 2017 - 2018


Chief Residents

Krupa Gandhi, MD

Christie Caceres, MD



Anh-Linh Bui, MD

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Medical School: University of Sint Eustatius

Research/Areas of Interest: Geriatrics, Pediatrics,
International Medicine, Rural Medicine

Hobbies: Being a Seattle native, I love boating, crabbing,
clam digging, hiking, and camping. I love to eat and travel. 
I'm neither an athletic person nor a huge sports fan, but I enjoy going to live sporting events. I am also a HUGE sushi fanatic.

Christie Caceres, MD


Hometown: Cusco (Peru), Houston 

Medical School: San Antonio Abad National University of Cusco

Research/Areas of Interest: International Medicine, health
care missions, Rural Medicine, teaching

Hobbies: spending time with my family, dancing, playing volleyball, reading, soccer, Latin music 

Margie Chinasa, MD, MBA


Hometown: Nigeria

Medical School: Ross University

Research/Areas of Interest: Preventative Medicine

Hobbies: Reading romance novels, traveling, exercising,
dancing, and spending time with family and friends.

Rebecca Desfor, D O


Hometown: San Luis Obispo, California

Medical School: Nova Southeastern University

Research/Areas of Interest: Women's Health

Hobbies: travel, hiking, skiing, eating good food

Krupa Gandhi, MD


Hometown: Chino Hills, California

Medical School: St. George's University

Research/Areas of Interest: Preventative Care and
Women's & Children's Health

Hobbies: Dancing, Running, Yoga, Basketball

Luther Sintim, MD


Hometown: Houston, Texas

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Research/Areas of Interest: Primary Care, Missionary
Medicine, Procedures

Hobbies: Musician, Sports, Cooking, Beverage Mixology 







Zack Bryant, MD

Hometown: Dover AFB, Delaware

Medical School: National University of Ireland, Galway

Research/Areas of Interest: Preventive Medicine, Tropical Medicine, Women's and Children's Health

Hobbies: Backpacking, travel, reading


2016%202:35:16%20PM Kenneth Deaver, MD

Hometown: Jackson, Michigan

Medical School: Trinity School of Medicine, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Research/Areas of Interest: Hospitalist Medicine, Emergency Medicin

Hobbies: Mountain Biking



2016%202:37:08%20PM Owen Grove, MD

Hometown: Mulliken, MI

Medical School: AUC, St. Maarten

Research/Areas of Interest: Rural and International Medicine, Procedures

Hobbies: Church Life, Spending time with my    beautiful  wife, Hunting, Cycling, Anything Outdoors (rain, shine, or snow)

2016%202:38:44%20PM Amanda Rogers, MD

Hometown: Carencro, La

Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine

Research/Areas of Interest: Rural medicine, Comprehensive care, Preventive medicine
: Cooking, Reading, Dancing, and spending time with family 

2016%202:41:35%20PM Drazen Sosic, MD

Hometown: Dubrovnik

Medical School: Tulane

Research/Areas of Interest: Family Medicine/Hospital Medicine/Genomic Medicine/Molecular Biology/Underserved Medicine/Global Medicine/Socialized Medicine

Hobbies: Nature, Reading, Hiking, Running, Travelling, Camping, Music, Cooking, Swimming, Water polo, Anything in/on/by the ocean.

2016%202:43:38%20PM Chantel Taylor, MD

Hometown: Fairview, New Jersey 

Medical School: The University of Queensland-Ochsner Clinical School of Medicine

Research/Areas of Interest: Women's and children's health, global medicine, primary care 

Hobbies: Gardening, cycling, scuba diving, cooking, traveling, and dreaming about traveling. 


Jeremy Dornier, MD


Catherine Fussell, MD


Gabrielle Givens, MD


Brock Juffs, MD


R. Alden McEwen III, MD


Cori Sumrall, DO