The Center for Acadiana Genetics and Hereditary Health Care has gathered the geneticists, researchers, educators, and counselors who are the most knowledgeable about genetics and Louisiana peoples, and together we have created this informational resource called Genetics and Louisiana Families for the educational benefit of both patient and healthcare provider. Most of the contributors to Genetics and Louisiana Families are Louisiana residents and practitioners, and others have either trained or have conducted research here among the families of Louisiana.

In this section of Genetics and Louisiana Families, we provide the reader with a perspective of medical genetics in Louisiana. From 1960's fieldwork among families in distant villages to gene discovery in the year 2000, the forty-year effort in Louisiana genetics has been a substantial contribution to the understanding and treatment of genetic problems worldwide. Credit and appreciation for this success is largely due to the selfless families of Acadiana, from which the educational information in Genetics and Louisiana Families ultimately derives.


The Louisiana Genetic Diseases Program: History and Organizational Structure - Charlie Myers, MSW
Is It Genetic? Individuals Who Should Be Referred to Genetics Clinics - Charlie Myers, MSW
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Genetics In Louisiana

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