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Bruce A. Barron, M.D.

Ocular herpes, CMV retinitis, corneal transplantation, corneal rejection, ophthalmic pathology


Donald A. Bergsma, M.D. Cataract surgery and lens implants; retinal degenerations; ophthalmic genetics 


Claude Burgoyne, M.D.

Glaucoma, biomechanics of the optic nerve head


Michael S. Insler, M.D.

Contact lenses; endothelium and growth factor; refractive surgery


Hebert Kaufman, M.D.

Corneal preservation, chemotherapy of herpes


Emily D. Varnell, B.S.

virus infection



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Haydee E.P. Bazan, Ph.D. Second messengers in corneal wound healing; anterior segment inflammation mediators; protein kinase C, prostaglandins and leukotrienes; growth factors and receptor antagonists


Nicolas G. Bazan, M.D., Ph.D.

Retinal degeneration; cell biology, molecular biology, gene expression: regulation in brain and retina. Neuronal cell death (stroke, epilepsy); neuromodulation of corneal wound healing; cell signal transduction


Roger W. Beuerman, Ph.D. Neural substrates of pain; molecular biology of growth factors and corneal wound healing


Bryan M. Gebhardt, Ph.D. Immunology of corneal transplantation and herpes infections


James M. Hill, Ph.D. HSV ocular infections; ocular recurrence of HSV infection; antiviral drugs, ocular drug delivery; ocular pharmacokinetics; bacterial keratitis: pathogenesis and chemotherapy of viral and bacterial keratitis


Jean T. Jacob, Ph.D. Biomedical polymer science; polymer implants for replacement or augmentation of the components of the eye; drug delivery with bioresorbable polymers (natural and synthetic)


Bahram Khoobehi, Ph.D. Applied physics; blood flow in the retina; optic nerve head and choroid; application of laser in treatment of vascular diseases of the retina; drug targeting to ocular tissues


Stephen D. Klyce, Ph.D.

Computer modeling of the cornea; endothelial cell function, corneal physiology; corneal topography; refractive surgery


Hilary W. Thompson, Ph.D. Mathematical and statistical methods in image analysis. Clinical trials; time series methods; the analysis of variance and factorial experiments